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3rd Jun 2008, 04:15
This is JB, right? These 'ere forums are anonymous right?

OK - so I go on a wee bit of a drink-up on the weekend to let me hair down. And boy did I let my hair down. While in the pub I felt well in control, having a good time, great conversation, lots of laughs.

One gets home and suddenly gets attacked with an invisible drunken truncheon and I can hardly operate. I recall making a bite to eat, one does get the munchies, and this I recall doing. Next thing I wake-up 3:00am dry mouth, pounding head and I've left all the lights on in the house, stuff open that is normally closed, TV and radio blaring and the bathroom's a mess. :yuk:

I collect some energy to sink some thirst quenching water down my throat, turn all the lights off and bugger off back to bed.

In the morning I sit up and try my bestest to remember from the last mouthfull of my drunken snack to the time I got up for a drink. Nada. Nothing. Not even several days later. According to my cell phone I collected some voice mail, a call of 7 mins (luckily no outgoing calls). But I cannot find out what I got up to.

1. Can I get this memory back? ( I wish I knew what the voice mail messages were)
2. What causes this memory loss?
3. Is it possible with the same volume of alcohol in-take to reduce or negate the memory loss? (quick thought to ones self - purchase video camera with which to go drinkin! :} )

3rd Jun 2008, 04:43
Well, if you've ever watched Beerfest you'll recall that the only good way to remember something from when you were blind sodding drunk is to once again become blind sodding drunk but THIS TIME have a pencil, paper and a note to remind you just what the hell you were doing :P

3rd Jun 2008, 05:42
I hate to be the messenger of gloom, but you may never know these days, exactly what happened to your memory. Sharing circumstances may save lives....

I'm still shocked for a friend of mine, who worked in a forum of aviation media. She was raped from what best she can attributed to the date rape drug. She knew this corporate pilot a few years and thought they had a safe, professional relationship. They knew they were attending a corporate aircraft show in Florida, he suggested going to dinner the night before the show, meeting at the restaurant. Seems very harmless and one that many females might accept when you've know this person and a shared meal is all that is implied. That's all she remembered until the next day when she woke up horribly bruised and invaded. Needless to say...with this awful drug, it's taken her years to piece back details and even more so to put her life together. She would've loved to have just lost a wallet and cash. Instead, she was violated and bruised, left with flashbacks that the dots were hard to piece together and was told there wasn't enought details to bring him to justice--especially because her memory came in pieces--far away from the state where the crime was committed. Could this be more f:mad:ed up? This could be YOU....Your sister....your girlfriend on an innocent night out....it was as trustworthy as it could be and yet the worst happened.

What I'm trying to say is that in many countries, as my friend found out, especially in Mexico this drug is readily accessible and very hard to prosecute if people purchase and use in the US. What the Feds told her is that many people who have access in and out of countries (ie; flight crew members...and those who prey on them) are hard to track down and prosecute and the bars are as well--for obvious reason. Victims can't remember enough and witnesses will only describe victims as acting drunk. This friend of mine....not the type to drink more than one glass of wine WITH someone she knew AND felt comfortable with, is still coping with flashbacks. (and no...she is not the flirtatious, suggestive type to have invited such actions.)

These drugs, used to rob, rape and incapacitate, does such a great job that the victims offer nothing to local authorities in the way of catching suspects. In fact, these drugs are so incidious that the victims are victimized once again when authorities treat them as reckless or loose in morals. (most victims are females)

So...BEWARE, male or female. As a female, I try to learn from other people's mistakes. I no longer trust someone in such an environment--even if in a public restaurant too. No one is exempt. If you feel you've blacked out under abnormal circumstances, don't be non-chalant about it. This could be a very serious indication that a drug was used to render you incapacitated for whatever outcome the perpetrator wanted to gain. If reported, you might be the additional witness to a crime that's been hard to prosecute, so DON'T WALK AWAY FROM REPORTING!!

Only if we share in forums like this, might we save someone else from experiencing something tragic. I can't begin to tell you how serious I am about your safety. This problem is very real and exists in more countries than you'd be ready to admit. According to a friend of mine that works in the violent crimes dept, the U.S. is frustrated by the lack of ability to catch people when this drug is suspected. Their hands are tied even more when the crime takes place in another country. (Natalee Holloway comes to mind.)

Please...everyone....be safe. And for those of you that read this and use these drugs on other people....(and I know this S>O>B may read this forum.) You will get caught. More people are coming foreward to bring you down. :suspect::suspect::suspect::suspect::suspect: (and there are more people seeking you out than your trust fund can keep you safe.)

City of Flight....

3rd Jun 2008, 05:50
Didn't you mother tell you not to binge-drink? Memory loss is a well-known side-effect. Do it often enough and you will turn your brain to mush, when you won't even notice that you have forgotten stuff, but don't let that get in the way of having a good time.

I used to share my life with a colleague who would get pissed, literally, after a long career as a professional pilot and a heavy drinker. Well, life is all about choices and I chose to quit drinking but that's just me.

You could take this first black-out as a hint to look up the boring medical advice about how many "units" of alcohol one can safely drink (In my case that would have been a matter of taking the amount I used to consume per night and dividing by 7 because I would get through a week's ration in a night and I was by no means our local champion.) but that is a real buzz-kill. And no, you aren't allowed to hoard your weekly ration and drink it in one night; that was my first question! When I got the numbers I just told the doctor to forget it; "safe drinking" is no fun at all!

You will probably have someone show up asking why you didn't keep to some promise or other and that will be the missing 7 minutes. Just hope it wasn't agreeing to marry someone!

3rd Jun 2008, 06:48
That'll learn yer...for the next three or four days at best!

Getting ripped to the eight is probably not a good thing, not on a regular basis anyway, but a good session once in a while'll do you the world of good - reminds you of your mortality:p

Beware the victorian temperance society there's plenty of 'em on here!

3rd Jun 2008, 07:08
1. Can I get this memory back? No, alcohol suppresses the chemicals in the brain which transfer memories from short term storage to long term storage. They didn't get stored so, when you fell asleep, they were flushed and lost. No way back.

Alcohol, Memory Blackouts and the Brain (http://www.enotalone.com/article/11279.html)

3rd Jun 2008, 07:40
Give us a break! Back then it was all about morality, with alcohol some tool of Satan, right up there with having sex with the lights on. Here and now we have so much more information about the effects of alcohol that it is a very foolish person who even has to ask about why they cannot remember what happened during a binge.

If you really think getting totally pissed is the way to go, well, good luck! I can see where you are coming from, having been there myself, and you are not alone in this opinion. I really miss that sort of fun but "that was then and this is now."

Part of it might just be the natural process of aging, when the body's self-repair functions deteriorate. We wrinklies just don't bounce so well after a night on the tiles! What you can see, though, is a sort of feed-back mechanism when alcohol abuse (sorry but that is what it is, medically speaking) messes up your awareness of the damage you are doing yourself so that the more damage the less self-awareness and on it goes.

As you age the slope steepens and the life of the party can become an annoying piss-head within just a year or so; I have seen that happen more than once. Then the job goes, closely followed by the marriage and the only true friend left is the bottle. This is not news, is it?

You know that tee-shirt that says "I don't have a drinking problem; I drink, I get drunk, I fall down. No problem!" Brave words! Well, one night I was playing the role of adult supervision for a colleague with this non-problem, when I literally wrote a little note with his name and address and tucked it into his shirt pocket so that he could find his way back to us the next day when he came to. Otherwise I was going to be in trouble when we would be one Captain short and I was the one who had let him get away, off into that hot African night without a trace on the trail of Olga from the Volga.

That mini-romance came to a sad and sudden end. Olga read the note and said, "Isolo! Wery bad address! No-class peeples there! Nyet kulturny!" Then she turned on her heel and went out the door, slamming it behind her. My colleague blamed me for this one, since I had written the note. I tried to cheer him up by pointing out that he was probably suffering from terminal "brewer's droop" anyway but that really did not work. This time, when a black-out would have been very useful, he remembered every painful detail and gave me the reputation of a total wowser back at base.

That was before I had to quit drinking so that you can imagine how much abuse I had to put up with afterwards! Quitting can be a very perverse decision in social terms and I totally respect the notion of sticking with the sauce to the bitter end. It is an individual decision, not a sign of moral weakness or anything like that, but at least make it an informed decision.

3rd Jun 2008, 07:43
Ever been to bed with an ugly woman

No, but woken up with a few!!

3rd Jun 2008, 07:49
This is one I remember fondly from my hazy student days:

It's grade two listed & it's in the middle of the Bigg market - the most alcohol sodden street I've ever staggered along. Best of all, it's bears the legend: "Water is best" You can't make this stuff up.

3rd Jun 2008, 08:01
Boy do I feel scolded for my rare binge - :eek: I do drink often, but not to a stupor. 2 beers a night during the week and a few more during the weekend, often while building stuff for the missus, retaining wall, fences, painting roof etc.

I would like to thank ORAC for answering a question directly :ok: I will not attempt, however, to return to said state to attempt to retrieve my lost memory.

In terms of a "date rape drug" I suspect my attacker would drug themselves to be able to attack me! :} By no means am I belittling CityofFlight's apt response, we should all be VERY aware of what is going on...VERY.

Chuks, I have a fair few times been the one looking after the extremely annoying, not funny, drunk friend and it is NOT fun AT ALL. I totally agree.

For some reason my alcohol intake over the past few years has declined, I often retire way before others, and am happy to do so (am actually well known for this! :) ). One did let oneself go though over the weekend at a culmination of a closure to a chapter in ones life.:suspect:

3rd Jun 2008, 08:24
Unfortunately I have the opposite problem. I remember everything. Somehow a really good night on the tiles doesn't affect my memory. It does, however, affect my judgement and I well remember one evening getting so rat-assed that I drove back the 16km to home with one eye shut to block out the confusing other image and dropped down to about 20kph.

And no, I don't need any lectures about driving in that state. I won't do it again. Fortunately it was about 2am on a very, very, very quiet country road in WA.


...I've now started this liver cleansing diet thingy which, amongst other things, forbids alcohol for the period of the diet (8 weeks). I'm 2 weeks into it and missing my regular glass of red wine and a scotch but otherwise doing fine. But the question is.....what reasonable substitutes for alcohol are there when you go out??? Soft drinks are out because of the sugar and chemicals, fruit juices are probably OK and tea without milk is also allowed. But what is there that doesn't make one look like a total wuss?

3rd Jun 2008, 09:17
I switched to soda water (sparkling water, club soda, whatever you call it) with a splash of Angostura bitters. It looks exactly like whiskey/soda, so much so that sometimes I would take a slug of my neighbour's real whiskey/soda by mistake. You can prop up the bar looking very convincing with that one.

Another one is tonic water with a slice of lime and some ice cubes. It looks like a gin/tonic but it lacks that juniper berry odour, of course.

I would stay away from Shirley Temples and that sort of thing lest you be thought to be "batting for the other side!"

If you drink a lot of straight Coca-Cola you can land yourself with a massive dose of caffeine without any of the sedative effects of alcohol to balance that. Too, most soft drinks have insanely high amounts of sugar in them so that just leaving out the alcohol is not the totally healthy option.

One funny side-effect of staying away from alcohol is that people may often get the idea that you are suffering from an STD and covering that up by claiming to be temperate. (Alcohol blocks the effect of some antibiotics so that the first clue one of your fellow piss-heads has come down with Cupid's measles is to see him nursing a straight Coca-cola, minus the rum.)

When your little world revolves around pub life then cutting out the booze can be a serious problem in itself. I was living in a walled compound (ten feet of cinder blocks topped with razor wire) where we met in the compound's pub to drink and socialise. Or if we weren't in a socialising mood, just drink. That was life, that or sitting around in the lounge reading week-old copies of "The Telegraph," given that we were mostly bachelors there. Subtract booze from that sort of life and you had pulled out the cornerstone, really.

When I was in London, just going by the chat on Mondays about what happened over the weekends, I guess life was similar for a lot of my young classmates but I had to put that down to a failure of the imagination, given all the other things there were to do in the big city.

You can start small, just by trying to go without a drink for a couple of weeks, just for a laugh, to see how that goes.

One thing is that I always hated being dependent on any substances, including alcohol, when I figured that no problem, I could quit any time. Well, that was until I tried to do without it, when I found it pretty hard work. You get into that pattern of looking forward to meeting up with your mates in the pub for that first drink, when the troubles of the day recede into a happy, boozy haze. Why should you want to throw all that away, though?

All this boring advice about how many units of alcohol are safe, it is just like knowing about how much longer it takes to stop your bike when you are riding fast. When you have a sunny day and a fast bike, you really, really need to creep along just because theoretically there could be a group of nuns crossing the road around the next blind curve? Nah, they will just have to take their chances with the rest of us!

Same with the booze; there is theory and there is practice, when one is boring and the other is fun. So the liver and the brain take a bit of a beating, along with the budget; do you trade long-term, theoretical benefits for short-term pleasure? Usually it takes some real shock to force that decision and it isn't one someone else can make for you.

One thing that might help you make up your mind is to look at how many adverts there are around us pushing alcohol in one form or another. Boozing means belonging to a world full of fun and excitement, at least if you believe the adverts. Is someone pushing our buttons for us? Might be...

3rd Jun 2008, 09:32
Y'all are just getting old, buddy. Take it on the chin, and don't do it again.

Sometimes, some drinks (winemaker's hat on), either on their own, or mixed with others, can have stronger or unusual effects. Many liqueurs and flavoured spirits fall into this category. The likes of Hexengeist, Jaegemeister, Chartreuse, Sambuca, lots of Tequilas, etc etc, are best avoided in company of other liquors, for this reason.

Stress, fatigue, and things eaten, can also have a contributory effect.

It is one's experience that memories lost due to alcohol alone, do come back over time, but this can take a long time, sometimes years. I did have memories, of things, lost whilst maggoted on spirits as a teenager, gradually return bit by bit through my twenties. Can't comment on the drug thing, but I have read that they don't come back because they never got properly laid down in the first place.

Memory is a funny thing, it's stored all over the body, not just in the brain. We still don't really know how it works.

If nothing was stolen, and your sphincter feels OK, you're probably going to be alright.

All that said, if this is the first time this has happened to you, and it was markedly different from anything else you have experienced, and none of the other factors apply, then yes, it is possible you were drugged. Possible, mind; not necessarily probable.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


what reasonable substitutes for alcohol are there when you go out??? Soft drinks are out because of the sugar and chemicals, fruit juices are probably OK and tea without milk is also allowed. But what is there that doesn't make one look like a total wuss?

Dry gingerale looks like beer, and doesn't have too much sugar in it. Sasparilla was the drink of choice for Cowboys who wanted to stay sober but not look like whimps. Lemon and Paeroa (worth a Google), or whatever is your local equivalent, looks identical to whisky and water.

Have a cone before you go out, and another one when you get home, and neither you nor anyone else will ever know the difference. :p;)

3rd Jun 2008, 09:41
One funny side-effect of staying away from alcohol is that people may often get the idea that you are suffering from an STD and covering that up by claiming to be temperate. (Alcohol blocks the effect of some antibiotics so that the first clue one of your fellow piss-heads has come down with Cupid's measles is to see him nursing a straight Coca-cola, minus the rum.)

WTF??:eek: Chuks, with all due respect, I believe I'll stay away from your social circle.

3rd Jun 2008, 11:16
One Xmas long ago in Singapore, myself and two other RAF single chaps were invited by a couple of our married comrades-in-arms to come over for Xmas/Boxing Day lunches. We duly turned up at the first house on Xmas day, armed with suitable prezzies and had a jolly time. Then we went out for the rest of the afternoon and evening before retiring for a refreshing night's sleep. Upon waking up, I found that the Duty Gorilla had been round, crapped in my mouth and beaten me over the head with a cricket bat. Nothing new about that. I went round and woke up my mates and we got ready for our second civilised lunch.

Upon arrival at the house our colleague's wife seemed a bit frosty, disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared a short while later to wordlessly deposit some warmed up grub on the table before stomping out to watch TV in the other room.

"Wozzup wiv 'er, then" we asked. "Well, we were expecting you yesterday" came the reply. It was December 27th already. Where had we been in the meantime? No idea. An entire day of our lives vanished; "Just like that!" as Tommy Cooper used to say. Dangerous stuff, liquor.

3rd Jun 2008, 12:10
Cannot tell a lie, Blacksheep, I share your pain. In Sydney in the mid 70's while attempting to find my limits I went on a monumental bender which involved all sorts of unspeakable things which lurk in a cage in the back of my mind even now, growling and demanding to be let out. Suffice to say they are things of which I am not proud.

I was rostered on a 6am start and turned up feeling remarkably spry, only to be told by the supervisor that I wasn't rostered on at all, but where had I been for yesterday's 6am start?

It's difficult to describe the confusion, but I went home and returned to bed and under the influence of more illegal substances was treated to a horrendous replay of the last day I remembered. What happened to the day in between I still have no idea, and while forgetting what you did or said one night is blokey fodder, not knowing what happened to 24 hours of your life is simply scary, especially when I remember what I did the day before.

3rd Jun 2008, 13:56
I tend to believe that an excessive intake of alcohol generally gives us an insight of the 'hereafter'. That is to say, Heaven. Just think about it (going to Heaven): How could it ever be a place of peace where one could remain an eternity if total memory loss wasn't involved...? Can you imagine ascending to Heaven, and then spending all eternity worrying about whether or not you'd turned off the gas, how your spouse, children, pudicats were getting on without you?! It stands to reason that some form of total or partial memory loss is a precondition for admission to Heaven therefore.

Unless you're a closet-Buddhist I guess. Then, 'the total memory loss phenomenon' after death might see you being reborn as an ant say, instead of the son of a well-known Oklahoman pilot (in these parts) who'd worked hard all his life and whose offspring became a millionaire...?! ;)

I recall that in Africa, there are fruit trees (Marula trees?) that shed their fruit (by this time of strong alcohol-content) which are consummed by apes, baboons, giraffes, antelope, even hyenas, elephants etc. Peace (or at least a drunken-stupor) reigns where everyone can let themselves go. I'm not sure if other predators give them any leeway, (at least, none of the wildlife documentaries I've seen so far have yet dared to show any existing footage of lions etc.) devouring quite drunken animals completely incapable of taking evasive action...?!

Where drunken humans are concerned, I affirm that I'm completely harmless when so afflicted. I have an alarm in the kitchen so if I fall asleep after putting the cats fish dinner in the oven, the alarm sound (and smell) of dehydrating fish eventually gets me up (must be at least 5 or 6 years since the last event though).

I'm not nasty when I'm drunk. I know a few people who can be including my own brother. Indeed, I hear them almost every morning at about 2 when the bars hereabouts close. Perhaps I owe that to my mum and dad. They made me non-nasty at least, if not a millionaire... :ok:

3rd Jun 2008, 14:16
Sorry, I forgot what we were talking about! Must have been pissed! :}

3rd Jun 2008, 14:26
Army drinking games. I blame the Light Infantry. A pint of Baileys, after many pints in the rugby club. Well that certainly wiped out my weekend once. No memory at all.

But the biggest risk is having a siezure. That is very bad news. You don't know it until you have it. And it can happen a day or two later, all the tea and toast won't help. BANG, you're out.

3rd Jun 2008, 14:28
I tend to fall asleep rather than gettig nasty. It's taking more and more to induce this state however as I gain more experience :E:E


tony draper
3rd Jun 2008, 15:48
Just as well you snack didn't involve a chip pan Mr Barrier or you could have been typing yer post with ectoplasm fingers.

Mac the Knife
3rd Jun 2008, 22:01
You've experienced a "black-out"

Time to take a seriously honest inventory of your alcohol consumption 'cos blackouts are characteristic of alcoholism.

And that's a deep dark hole that you really don't want to stay in.


3rd Jun 2008, 22:03
Hey mates,

The real issue is in the pattern.

I would consider the random binge as more or less normal.

Regular memory loss is a serious warning sign. Coupled with aggression on a regular basis is a sure sign of imminent permanent physical damage.

Google 'Wet Brain' and the body's need for thiamine (Vitamin B1).

Remember, alcoholism is a symptom - there is an underlying psychological cause.

It always starts out innocently, but may progress to a negative.


3rd Jun 2008, 22:11
Umm. Huh? What was I doing.

bugg smasher
4th Jun 2008, 02:56

I detect the reformed alcoholic, the born-again Christian, that woe-is-me, there-but-for-the-grace-of-God go I, I-have-been-saved kinda guy. By quitting drinking, you will certainly extend what's left of your life, if in fact you have consumed enough to seriously compromise liver and kidney function. Barring Hara Kiri, I can't think of a swifter way to greet the afterlife.

Allow me to explain, however, why that attitude pisses me off no end, and not least because I'm a fellow Africa hand, somewhat versed in the ways, only just I suppose, of that last and greatest continent on our smallest of planets.

We all meet our own end in the best way we can manage, in Africa that can happen in the worst of ways, or not, depending on how you look at it. Anyone who knows anything at all, knows that God lives in, and watches the skies over Africa. Closer to thee my life, it couldn’t have ever been any different.

Why don't you live and let live, or die, as the case may be. I find proselytizing the most distressing of human failings.


4th Jun 2008, 08:08
...blackouts are characteristic of alcoholism.Yes indeed.

They're also a symptom of being a twenty-something single chap sent overseas in military service. Unfortunately some never snap out of it and their lives are ruined. One wonders exactly what "they" were thinking about, provisioning beer at fourpence a can and spirits at a tanner a shot, just to encourage us to stay on base and not annoy the locals...

4th Jun 2008, 09:03
I wouldn't be so upset with what you see as proselytising, which perhaps it is, Bugg.

I am an agnostic, as it happens. I never got religion, G.W. Bush-style, just some advice from a doctor.

By the way, I am really odd; when some guy with a medical degree gives me advice I have paid for, I take it! It was just him telling me that if I carried on drinking about 7 times more than was good for me I was going to have serious problems. Just like smoking, drinking is a pleasant activity that can be bad for you. There's no religious element, no morality involved, just the idea of what might be coming.

As pilots we need to do whatever we can to hang onto the medical and in my case that meant quitting drinking. That is the long and short of it. Well, that and not wanting to have a stroke and end up a gomer (Get Out of My Emergency Room)! (Just at the time I was having my horoscope read by the quack I was always going back and forth by the local old folks' home, Gomer Central, with all these vegged-out and drooling specimens being taken for their daily airing in wheel-chairs; that will focus the mind!)

I could quit but I couldn't easily cut back to one glass of white wine per day. That's not drinking as I know it! The guys back in Isolo would have thought I was batting for the other side.

I still hung out in the bar; there was nowhere else to go. I still kept my boozy friends; they were very nice about not giving me any abuse, well, most of them, and I still stood the odd round of drinks. So there is life without booze but not as we know it.

The first poster raised the question. If you don't like my answer then "Naff off," is my advice. Drink, smoke, go bungee-jumping without a bungee... It is a free world, chum, and the choices are yours.

The thing is, when you get towards the end of many years of boozing things can look very different from when you are just starting. Sometimes it might be worthwhile to suggest an alternate course of action, that is all. Sorry to have annoyed you there.

By the way, might I have a few minutes of your time to talk about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

9th Jun 2008, 19:59
Hey bug smasher, which also reduces to B.S.,

For the record, I still put it away, a bottle of Scotch a night.

I am not religious, but have spent years learning the ORIGINAL ancient texts and yes do not practise yet. Without Googling, tell me what language the "Bible" was written in, before the various Christian religions altered it, so as to control ?

I was raised in a physically violent household because of alcohol. I have the physical scars to prove it.

I was just attempting to contribute positively to this thread based on what I have experienced. My stepfather who beat me (from the age of 12, and my mother, I'm talking about drawing blood and having the neighbours call the cops everyday over a period of 4 years) is now bedridden with Alzheimer's disease. Definitely wet brain.

Just wish some people would be more conscious.

What's your excuse ?

9th Jun 2008, 20:29
For the record, I still put it away, a bottle of Scotch a night.

Well I guess that is okay, depends on the size of the bottle I suppose. :p

9th Jun 2008, 20:42
Quite right.

The bigger, the better ! :ouch:

9th Jun 2008, 21:42
Any of the skiers on here know Meribel? The Rond Point?


The Rond Point is an apres ski bar located at the hill end of town. After a drink or two or more and a boogie in ski boots to one of the resort bands, it is the custom to ski down in the dark (funnily enough, often easier [drunk or sober] than in daylight - less crowded, freshly bashed pistes and a clear night) to carry on drinking in the town centre at the bottom of the hill.

Great day. Day off work, bunch of other saisonnaires in the same mood, lots of toffee vodka and a seriously hot band. culminated in riotious antics such as crowd surfing. I needed to get back to my flat to change as was going to dinner in a restaurant that didn't allow ski boots, so skied down to my flat just above the town centre. By the time I'd got there, i was suffering severe room spin and drunken logic obviously told me to wedge my head still for a while.

woke up 12 hours later, still in full ski gear, with my head firmly wedged in the space between the french fold-up-against-the-wall bed and the floor. :uhoh:

In true resort style merely thought 'whaaaa?!!', laughed, quick shower, got back into ski kit, did the bread run and breakfast,made beds, etc, and then high tailed it back out onto the slopes to come face to face with one of the moniteurs that was my partner in crime the night before who really didn't look well... :E

don't think i could get away with that these days though.... :{

9th Jun 2008, 21:45
Any of the skiers on here know Meribel? The Rond Point?
Yay Rads! I certainly do remember it! Ah, no memory loss there then!! :}



9th Jun 2008, 21:48
ah but would you recognise the toffee vodka bottle cap whirls?! :E

9th Jun 2008, 22:29
Rads, Whirls
Been there, but there was a bar at the top of the town we went to not sure if it was the same one, a bars a bar. Skiing in the dark, yes indeed, much more fun.

As for looking after drunken mates. I used to work weird shifts, and would sometimes be driving past the centre of town at closing time, so I'd give a few a lift home if they gave me a call.
Extra 20 minutes tops. But after 5 minutes the hilarious joke is stupid, and after 20 minutes you've heard it five times, and you just think, these are my mates, do I talk this much crap when I'm pissed.

9th Jun 2008, 22:31
As I am far too pissed to focus on the dictionary, can anyone please tell me what proselytising means? Cheers, hic

9th Jun 2008, 22:39
To convert (a person) from one belief, doctrine, cause, or faith to another seang.

tony draper
9th Jun 2008, 22:53
Never had memory loss but oft forgot how to walk.:uhoh:

9th Jun 2008, 23:05
Thank you Snappybits

10th Jun 2008, 01:38
...................News just in...................
Snappybits has confirmed to me that I do talk crap when pissed. More on that later.