View Full Version : BA/AF Concorde Pilots - What have they been doing lately?

2nd Jul 2001, 20:27
I know that a number of BA Concorde pilots (a.k.a. lucky bastards) frequent these forums. My humble questions to them:

1. In lieu of flying the Concorde, what have you been flying? Have you been just sim flying while on "standby" alert?

2. Was secondment to another fleet - (ie 777 fleet) an option given the huge training expense? If so, which fleets were most popular?

3. Do you look forward to returning to normal Concorde operations?

I look forward to watching the Concorde blast off out of LHR again in the near future.


2nd Jul 2001, 21:27

The majority of co-pilots have been re-deployed to other fleets. We have a few here on the 777 fleet (aren't we there yet??) and some have taken shorthaul commands if senior enough. A number of Capts have transferred to 747-400 etc leaving a small number to reintroduce services later this year.

3rd Jul 2001, 16:02
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