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2nd Jun 2008, 12:49
Got this on an email. I know some of you Jetblasters enjoy this sort of thing. Took me ages to get it, but turned out I was on the right track originally, but I had plussed when I should have minussed. My boss cheated and used Excel, but I did it the natural way with a pencil, a folded sheet of A4, some swearing, gritted teeth and a neuralgia inducing frown.

A man wanted to get into his work building, but he had forgotten his accesscode.
However, he did remember five clues. These are the clues:
The fifth number plus the third number equals fourteen.
The fourth number is one more than the second number.
The first number is one less than twice the second number.
The second number plus the third number equals ten.
The sum of all five numbers is 30.
What were the five numbers and in what order?

Let me know how long it took you, there have been some extravagant claims from my colleagues, so I'm interested.

Noticed that the bloke in the problem was too stupid to remember the 5 digit number, but apparently had borderline austistic mathematical abitilities when it came to remembering the complex set of clues....

2nd Jun 2008, 12:57
You expect us to believe he can't remember the code, but he does remember all those clues?

74658 :E

Edit: about a minute and a half

2nd Jun 2008, 13:07
well obviously kick the door in, then worry about mathematics

2nd Jun 2008, 13:15
Nice one Forkandles, took me about 2 mins just to algebrise the clues.

2nd Jun 2008, 13:57
Would have been 2 minutes too except for a couple of stupid mistakes.

Got hung up for a while on 'the second number is 3.5'

2nd Jun 2008, 13:58
Try This one ...

0 0 0 =6
1 1 1 =6
2 2 2 =6
3 3 3 =6
4 4 4 =6
5 5 5 =6
6 6 6 =6
7 7 7 =6
8 8 8 =6
9 9 9 =6

All you have to do is use mathematical symbols (and brackets if required) in between.

eg 2+2+2=6 or (2*2)+2=6, or (2^2)+2=6

You can use the square root, but not cube or above as it uses a number.


2nd Jun 2008, 14:02
No, I'm too stupid for that one. Can't get past 0 0 0 = 6 :*

tony draper
2nd Jun 2008, 14:18
Most such doors have a engineering access code, for err the engineer,as he is expected to fix em when they are broke,which they are quite often, one shall et you into a secret the access code is invariable **** err,just though I best not say.

2nd Jun 2008, 15:46

2nd Jun 2008, 18:29
My office was full of very smart, like very smart people.
Door code, 0001.
It was even better when we got chipped ID cards. You held them up against a sensor.
They couldn't get in the car park, never mind the building.

I cheated, I asked to get buzzed in by the guard all the time.

2nd Jun 2008, 18:47
Is there such a thing as disnumbersxlexia? Because I have it. When numbers are written as words. It all looks like a binary code to me. So I haven't a clue what the answer is. But I always remember my Pins and code and serial numbers. 1041765, 1022, 6361, 73451, 73443, 2237. They are all important numbers to me. Although at the moment I have completely forgotten my pin number for ATMs.:ugh:

2nd Jun 2008, 19:13
At one stage (when I was working - in an office) I never needed a telephone directory for my numerous contacts (days before e-mail) as I could recall and repeat these numbers (no programmed dialling either), however, since the introduction of PINs I've had to resort to subterfuge to be able to remember these . . .


2nd Jun 2008, 20:07
Telephone numbers & number plates were no problem for me to remember when younger, and I'm not too bad at it now.

Names and faces - hopeless.

2nd Jun 2008, 20:43
Interesting frostbite; am almost opposite. Absolutely red-hot on faces - even twenty years on from last seeing them, and names (usually) come to me just a little later at worst. But numbers etc - useless.

Is this a left/right sided brain thing?

2nd Jun 2008, 21:05
Frosty and SLC - check this:


2nd Jun 2008, 21:10
*Cough* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTt8wPDVTng Cough*

mister hilter
2nd Jun 2008, 21:36
about 2 mins to work out code, maybe lucky guess for starting place.

For faces & names, when you meet someone, try to remember their name until such time as they are not looking at you. Look at their face, use your index finger like a pen, 'write' their name on the palm of your other hand. When/if you see them again, then look in the palm of the hand you 'wrote' on. Try it. It's reasonably successful

2nd Jun 2008, 23:36
Telephone numbers & number plates were no problem for me to remember when younger, and I'm not too bad at it now.

Ditto... I remember them all... and of friends, work etc. Account numbers, PINs, birthdays, addresses, distances, journey times, phone numbers, the lot. In fact, I rarely forget anything factual. Since passing forty though, I am occasionally forgetting the names of people I know casually (though not faces). Not if I'm asked, or think about them... but when I meet them. Why does it happen that way? :ugh:

2nd Jun 2008, 23:40

Aha, but that isn't me. No, as my Mother says. 'You have to be different' her tone, a mixture sarcasm and irritation.

You see my problem isn't when it's thus. 5 x 6 +3 - 2. (= 31)

No it when it's written five sheep multiplied by six lambs plus three goats minus two kids eaten by wolves is when I get dyscalcullexic.


3rd Jun 2008, 01:21
Are you sure that you red the definition write? :E

3rd Jun 2008, 07:21
BlueMoo - nice try, but it can be done so the answer in every case is six.

Forkandles - just for you:

(0! + 0! + 0!)!=6

3rd Jun 2008, 09:11
BlueMoo - nice try, but it can be done so the answer in every case is six.

Forkandles - just for you:

(0! + 0! + 0!)!=6

Have you just made that up? That's just rubbish that is. :confused:

3rd Jun 2008, 09:23
H - Heaviside step function
' - Lagrange notation for 1st order derivative

(cos(0) + cos(0) + cos(0))!
(1 + 1 + 1)!
2 + 2 + 2
3 x 3 - 3
sqrt(4) x 4 - sqrt(4)
5 + H(5) + 5'
6 + 6 - 6
7 - H(7) + 7'
8 - H(8) - H(8)
9 - sqrt(9) - 9'

Still prefer my previous solution though - more elegant if you ask me.

3rd Jun 2008, 09:58
Everyone's at it now! :sad:

If I had 8 apples in one hand and 6 apples in the other, what do I have?

3rd Jun 2008, 10:02
Forkandles ...

1 - no, not made up: n! = 1 x 2 x ... x n, and 0! = 1

2 - Big Hands

BlooMoo - excellent. :D


3rd Jun 2008, 11:16
BlooMoo excellent?

Naaah. Sorry mate, you're in for a good beating in the playground at breaktime. And you too Llademos if we catch you hanging around with BlooMoo with your scientific calculators and that.....

(Forkandles, get your kicking boots laced up).

3rd Jun 2008, 11:23
Yeah, what the Blues&twos fella said. It's nearly lunchtime, so you'd better have your dinner money ready for me.
Pair of homos. :E

3rd Jun 2008, 14:03
If I had 8 apples in one hand and 6 apples in the other, what do I have?

Big Hands!

Sorry coat, hat etc...........:ok:

3rd Jun 2008, 14:45
What's the odd one out in the following list?


3rd Jun 2008, 16:28
That would be 1.

3rd Jun 2008, 16:49
No - it's 26

26 comes with noodles, all the others come with rice...!