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uffington sb
2nd Jun 2008, 07:29

These clouds were seen shortly before the earthquake in China. In a Horizon prog about predicting earthquakes, Zhonghao Shou, a retired chinese scientist had a theory that earthquakes can be predicted by observing cloud formations. Although ridiculed by established science, he might have a point. Strange or what?




2nd Jun 2008, 07:37
Earthquakes and volcanic events are frequently accompanied by atmospheric electrical disturbances. It has been suggested that this may be because of the movements of large volumes of rock (eg techtonic plates) with different electrostatic potentials, moving relative to each other.

Maybe cloud formations can also be affected by the stresses these potentials impose, even before the event.

I haven't seen anything written on the subject, but it's an interesting theory.

2nd Jun 2008, 08:16
Seems quite plausible to me that electrical anomalies can occur which affect the air - after all, many modern heating systems are lit by a spark obtained by squeezing a crystal - the piezo electrical effect.

uffington sb
2nd Jun 2008, 10:10
I thought they looked a bit like sprites, you know those things you fly boys see coming out of the top of CB's, similar shape and strange colourisation, but sprites only last for a fraction of a second.
Still that's something else we know very little about.

2nd Jun 2008, 11:33
"He claims that an earthquake will take place within 103 days of the appearance of one of these clouds, and that the average time is 30 days."

2nd Jun 2008, 13:00
The Lone Ranger: "Tonto! Look over yonder at them clouds, is it a sign?"
Tonto: "Kemo sabe, the earth will move for us tonight."
The Lone Ranger: "There's gonna be an earthquake...?!"
Tonto: "No Kemo sabe, it's going to rain later and we're only a 3 hours' ride away from Laredo where I know of a good cat-house where we can find comfort and shelter."
The Lone Ranger: "Hi ho Silver! And away!"

2nd Jun 2008, 13:08
After reviewing the photographs, I firmly believe the claim to be true. If you look closely at the first one, the clouds clearly spell out the word "GO"

2nd Jun 2008, 14:21
Having been in a large-ish earthquake myself (6.4) I would like to suggest the words "Run for your lives" might have been more useful.

And in Chinese.