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barry lloyd
1st Jun 2008, 22:56
Now I know that this may offend some of PPrunes southern subscribers - but how about the Paul Mc Cartney concert on BBC2 - was it fabulous or not? I know it wasn't Wembley or whatever, but it was still a great show.

1st Jun 2008, 23:09

Aging rock band hero, nice chap, voice gone, singing old numbers, crowd drooling with maudlin sentimentality about the Beatles of 44 years ago.

Perhaps it got better. It made me so sad that I switched over half-way through.

Sorry, Liverpool. Why not find another, newer icon? Were the Beatles the ONLY thing that Liverpool has to be proud of?

Give us a break.

Wait for it..................

1st Jun 2008, 23:16
No, not really.:rolleyes:

It was a typical Mcartney performance, average lyrics and music - all of which have distinct links to his and other peoples past and a great deal of "me, myself, I".

I really enjoyed all of the Beatles music and have all their recordings, but as you'll correctly guess, I am not a fan of Mcartney now, he lacks any imagination and I can't see why he carries on, he has nothing to contribute.

barry lloyd
1st Jun 2008, 23:27

Were the Beatles the ONLY thing that Liverpool has to be proud of?

Er no. A quick check of the indicators of the time will show a different story. There's lots more. I know it's a common theme on Pprune to blast Liverpool, but to anyone who views the situation circumspectly, there is a lot of evidence to suggest a far wider story of music exists from those days, but then I wouldn't expect an ignorant southerner to understand that!
If I mention Liverpool's five European Cup wins it may upset those in the south who have won ...er none!
Two more words - Rolling Stones - your views?

barry lloyd
1st Jun 2008, 23:36
he lacks any imagination and I can't see why he carries on, he has nothing to contribute.

Really, nik nak, so what's your view about the rolling stones, genesis etc?

barry lloyd
1st Jun 2008, 23:50
Hmmm... strangely quiet isn't it?

2nd Jun 2008, 06:33
Its quiet because your mention of Paul McCartney, the terminally cheerful, good looking Beatle, has sent everybody to sleep. Zzzz....

The Strolling Bones? Where do the rest of the Stones keep Keith Richards when they're between performances? I must say the embalmers have done a brilliant job on the man once voted the world's greatest rythm guitarist, but he still plays a good chord or two.

Genesis? WTF has the Bible got to do with Liverpool?

2nd Jun 2008, 06:39
Maybe he's singing for his supper to pay for his divorce.

I heard that he had to buy Heather a plane.

She's going to keep using Veet on the other leg though!


2nd Jun 2008, 07:58
Maccas voice is definitely over. Dave Grohl was the highlight for me, which says a lot.

Arm out the window
2nd Jun 2008, 10:05
Full marks to McCartney for his past glory, but half the stuff he's put out is rubbish, especially the lyrics.
What's that one about London Town where the policeman plays a tune upon his flute, toot toot toot toot? Now that's real poetry.
He only gets away with it because he's him.