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1st Jun 2008, 10:57
My wife and I are flying to Punta Cana on a First Choice 767 and want to pay for 'extra leg room seats'. Can anyone recommend which seats are best, bearing in mind that seats by doors often have the emergency slide container restricting the leg room of that window seat? Alternatively, a seat plan of an FCA 767 would do, but I know not where to find one. The FCA website seems to be without and the local First Choice travel shop do not have such a thing.

Many thanks in advance.

1st Jun 2008, 14:43
I could be wrong but a vaguely remember a few years ago that they did a redesign of their interiors giving all rows of seats some of the best leg room in the industry!!!!!

1st Jun 2008, 19:50
FCA have 33'' in star (economy class) and 36'' in premier class.

3rd Jun 2008, 12:13

Been to Punta Cana a few times with FCA. Best of the charters. First to offer better seat pitch.:D

Go for the Premuim if you can afford it. Econ still fine though. Good IFE. All leather seats. Nice cabins. Food normal stuff, but it's the legroom that counts.

Give them a call and ask about emergency exits etc - details on their website at "contact us".

What hotel are you staying at?


9th Jun 2008, 07:09
Thanks for your replies. Yes, I agree that the normal seating on FCA is some of the best in the business, but if we can get extra leg room for a few pounds, that I think that it is worth it.

Skintman. We travelled FCA Premium to Goa recently. Outbound was excellent but on the return, we were given bulkheads seats with no right of appeal. The leg room was worse than back end. You cannot prebook the actual seat numbers so you are taking a risk! On holiday in Greece at the mo, so cannot give you the hotel name but will do so on our return.

Thanks for your interest.

9th Jun 2008, 12:19
Me thinks you holiday too much my friend!!!!:ok::ok:


28th Jun 2008, 07:50
Hi there skintman.

What is the point of being retired if you cannot have lots of holidays? That why I worked hard for 40 years !!

Now back from 3.5 weeks on a Greek island. Pure heaven.

We are staying at Majestic Colonial Punta Cana in Bavero in March 2009. Do you know it?