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1st Jun 2008, 07:55
You tried this a couple of days ago, and a lot of us told you we don't share your point of view. That's the polite way of putting it.

No-one (except you) gives a sh*t about what the Socialist Worker has to say, so please give up and go do something useful.

Notso Fantastic
1st Jun 2008, 08:07
Merely the name of the website puts most people off! Not really 'newsworthy', is it? This is meant to be for aircraft accidents, incidents, accident reports, BIG aviation-related news items. Perhaps your 'news' belongs more on a political website focused on classwar? You know...bosses v. workers.....that sounds SO old fashioned now. You're fighting a dinosaur politico-class battle, but maybe not here please.

1st Jun 2008, 08:29
A lot of the posts Balderdash has made since he joined three days ago contain this Socialist Worker link. I don't know what he's up to but it seems he has his own special agenda which is out of place here.

1st Jun 2008, 09:01
You might be better off in the Scottish section, much more fertile socialist fodder up there for you. In the meantime leave this to people who have

self funded their careers

Foxtrot oscar

green granite
1st Jun 2008, 09:16
Piffle. .......................................

1st Jun 2008, 09:50
Don't feed the troll. :ugh:

1st Jun 2008, 09:56
Let's try to be nice to Balderdash. It's not easy to be a militant socialist these days. He missed all the good times.
Great "them vs us" battles were fought and lost, and the good old days will never return.

http://cache.viewimages.com/xc/79585276.jpg?v=1&c=ViewImages&k=2&d=17A4AD9FDB9CF1934849998ACB863535BF06BC649D4C435A284831B75F 48EF45

1st Jun 2008, 09:58
As dear Maggie (T)once said

" The problem with socialists is that sooner or later they run out of other peoples money to spend"

And so it comes to pass with Gordon (lets think of a new stealth tax) Brown

Get a job get a life

hook line & sinker

1st Jun 2008, 10:33
Boys and girls. I suspect we're getting tired of balderdash. However he still has one potential use.
If one of your less respected colleagues is leaving, and you want to give the world's most boring retirement speech, you know who could write it.

1st Jun 2008, 10:42

i suggest you read up on ALARP concepts if you're looking for some information on this topic.


1st Jun 2008, 11:02
Oh good Jesus will ya give it a rest.

The Controlller
1st Jun 2008, 11:49
Stop feeding BALDERDASH2008.....maybe he/she/it will creep and die in a very lonely corner .......lets hope.

1st Jun 2008, 11:56
Balderdash: senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; nonsense.

Courtesy of dictionary.com

The Controlller
1st Jun 2008, 12:00
Watch out all I see BALDERDASH2008 is spreading his/her/its wings out into the cabin crew forum......me thinks I smell a rat ?

1st Jun 2008, 12:03
"BAENGINEERING" - banned - persona non grata
"BAMANAGER" - banned - persona non grata
BALDERDASH2008 - ??????

1st Jun 2008, 12:10
This message is hidden because BALDERDASH2008 is on your ignore list.

And relax...........:):):):):):)

1st Jun 2008, 12:50
Who is the Mod who dumps all this trash in JB?

1st Jun 2008, 15:12
Never had anything to do with BA (except flying with them a few times), but I confess to finding this attempt to manufacture news and hysteria out of a retirement party down at the barrel-bottom scraping end of the spectrum.

Does remind me however of my university days when the SWP was, even then, the biggest giggle on campus. Keep up the good work, comrade - haven't had such a good laugh in years.

1st Jun 2008, 15:20
Now that is conclusive proof that BA PR dept is up early and throwing all their invented alias' at this one.
Wrong. As it happens I work for a competitor of BA and have no personal axe to grind. However I find your constant knocking of BA to be offensive, and likely to be associated with the whole industry in the minds of unqualified readers. You do nothing but inflame the situation for your own dubious ends.

Krystal n chips
1st Jun 2008, 15:25
Actually, Balderdash does have a point here re job cuts.....ask the guys who formerly worked in the pool....or, better still, those who worked at BFS / GLA / BHX and MAN.( not sure about ABZ and EDI ) ...next time you operate out of MAN, have a look at that large building adjacent to Monach's establishment....it's been empty for some time....about 120+ Eng's used to work there......they were all well and truly screwed by London Airways at the time.......around 2001 ?

Don't get too excited Balders ...and others....my comments reflect those involved in the job cuts which went largely unnoticed at the time...not the so called "class war"....or the operational safety issues.....real or imaginary.

1st Jun 2008, 22:37
Do you really expect us to believe that you personally have BA sufficiently rattled that they will follow you around on public forums contradicting what you say?
Having just knocked BALPA for six they are hardly likely to worry about an impotent little twerp like you.

And no, I don't work for BA either.