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31st May 2008, 17:00

31st May 2008, 17:17
Nice T shirt.....

31st May 2008, 18:45
telling me if I put the shirt on I'll be arrestedNot worth arguing and risking being excluded from the flight because of delay, but I would question the basis for arresting you. Maybe 'disobeying the instruction of a security person'?
I got myself into an escalating situation at CDG, when a goon decided that I had to remove my shoes (in addition to the raincoat that I was already carrying, along with my jacket, waistcoat and carry-on baggage and camera case as well as the contents of my pockets). There I was being undressed in full view of everyone in the queue behind me. The goon made it clear that she was prepared to face me off right down to my smalls if necessary, for no reason other than she had the authority so to do (even though I was an inoffensive old man in a suit returning from a wedding).
I blamed the French . . .

31st May 2008, 19:57
This is a dangerous T-shirt....


1st Jun 2008, 02:01
Now I`m convinced you poms are looney......:eek: a T shirt....jeez

1st Jun 2008, 02:56
Now I`m convinced you poms are looney......:eek: a T shirt....jeez

Nah, not us... it's the idiots that ru(i)n the place.... and this kind of crap is gradually getting into more and more aspects of life here.

1st Jun 2008, 11:35
Perhaps this because a mere suggestion of a gun can cause panic in those of a psychotic nature. It's a matter of opinion which side of the desk most psychos actually are at UK airports. Perhaps in this case they thought a Transformers T shirt could actually transform into a REAL gun? :}


Again, it looks like the terrorists are winning, they have caused a fear of almost anything that moves.

1st Jun 2008, 12:00
Rumour has it that Jack Nicholson has become somewhat of an egoist in old age. Preferring to travel by executive jet mainly. I can assure everyone that the true reason he stopped using regular airlines was to avoid all the ineveitable delays that followed when fellow passengers started crying out "Hi Jack!".

1st Jun 2008, 14:19
Before I saw the picture, I thought this was going to be about the suicide bomber Tshirt that was doing the rounds a year or so ago. Someone in the US printed a tshirt with a suicide vest image on it. I'd google for it, but I'm a coward... ;)

Beatriz Fontana
1st Jun 2008, 15:44
In 2002 I was "advised" by staff at LHR that some people may be wary of my kefeya I was wearing as a scarf. I left it on and wore it right through security at Boston, no problems.

Not entirely sure I could do that now...

1st Jun 2008, 16:29
I wonder if someone wearing a parachute would be allowed through?

Or a T shirt of a parachutist?

1st Jun 2008, 16:42
I think we should all go through the airports now with gun t-shirts...maybe an arnold schwarzeneger convention :p

1st Jun 2008, 16:45
So much for LHR security...I by accident ended up getting through a 2 liter bottle of tropicana

1st Jun 2008, 17:18
I managed to get through all the security checks between Belfast City and Glasgow, with three shotgun cartridges in the right hand pocket of my faithful Barbour. I'd been out shooting that morning and was going to work. Nothing. Sniffer wand thing nothing, took the coat off and passed it around the magnetic gate thing. Even I could smell the gun oil off my hands, nothing.
Nearly wet myself when I reached for my car keys Scotland side (they'd been found and checked) and came up with cartridges.

Then... on the other side, going through Atlanta, I got pulled over because I was reading The Secret History of the IRA. Or Inside the IRA, or some such. Well that was a mistake. A bloke pinging the button on his holster really grabs your attention. 'What's the book about sir?'
Well, where do you start.

1st Jun 2008, 17:24
"Raht thar's yer pro'lem.

"Y'all had uh bo-ok in h'tlana.

"Y'all know we don' cotton to such 'roun he-yah."

"Now, iz yo min' right?"


*I can say these as a son of Georgia

1st Jun 2008, 17:40
I've mentioned before, but ex-Mrs Fos is from SC.
Why yes, that accent, but slower and very, very polite.
Would you hurry up and say what you're going to say. Any time you like. Quicker. Leave out a few of the y'alls and we'll all be happy.

And stupid liquor laws as well.

1st Jun 2008, 22:55
even though I was an inoffensive old man in a suit I'm not sure about inoffensive . . . :}

2nd Jun 2008, 03:47
Came through Aldergrove a couple of weeks back and after clearing security I was restoring my meagre belongings to whence they had been wrenched in the carryon when I noticed what I took to be a security person (he was inside that defensive ring on tables where your bags are reassembled) asking a young girl to demonstate that she could raise her roll on bag above her head after she had repacked it. She had no problem.
Assuming that he was a security person is that not going beyond the line of duty in a somewhat negative manner and if he was an airline rep should this not have been done at the check in.

2nd Jun 2008, 06:04
Serves the guy right for wearing a child's T shirt in the first place.

2nd Jun 2008, 17:25
Last year while going through American Customers at Montreal I noticed an individual with a very odd t-shirt. It had a picture of the twin towers with the words "Boom-boom" written overtop. As I watched this Einstein merrily looking around in line with an idiotic grin on his face he was approached by two strapping American Border Guards and lead away for what I can only guess was an open and frank discussion regarding his taste in clothes and exactly what kind of message was he trying to convey? I didn’t see him on the other side of passport control. He is probably lucky in a way that he didn’t make it to the States; wearing such a t-shirt could invoke some fairly significant negative feedback from most native New Yorkers.


3rd Jun 2008, 23:28
It doesn't matter what kind of tshirt you wear. Or better, it shouldn't. And if you think that 9-11 just served 'em right, then it is your right to think that. It might make you an A**H0le in my book, but you can wear whatever shirt you like and think whatever you want.

How many guys wear pink shirts? The worst fashion faux pas I have ever seen in my life, but they get to board planes too.

It is simply your right to do so.

It is not up to airport authorities to decide what is appropriate.

This is a breach of fundamental citizens rights and I would take this to court, if it happened to me - but then I don't ever wear some transformer robot t-shirt, nor a pink poloshirt!


Ten West
4th Jun 2008, 00:43
No-one's ever taken me to task for wearing a pink shirt (I have several).

... But then I'm 6ft4 and weigh 210 pounds. :ok:

4th Jun 2008, 01:15
Is your name Sue?

4th Jun 2008, 01:41
I agree with you that that freedom of speech is or should be every human’s inalienable right; however there is a major difference between a pink polo shirt and one that is openly and deliberately offensive. And I also agree that you can think whatever you like; you just can’t always openly say it. In the case of the idiot at the airport he was either trying to make some kind of statement or he was just totally brainless. Either way the Customs Officers likely saved him from a severe beating or something worse had he hit the streets of New York wearing that t-shirt. From a safety perspective he may well have caused a major disturbance on board the aircraft for obvious reasons? I know that before they whisked him away he was causing quite a stir in the customs hall.

4th Jun 2008, 02:39
Small thread drift: re-reading this reminded me of the time I was in a mall in Jakarta a few years ago and saw an Indonesian family out for a day's aimless mooching around the mall. The daughter was quite a sweet-looking little lass, may be 12 or so and when I saw them initially I thought she was wearing a "Dunking Donuts" T shirt - the reason I noticed was having had coffee and donuts (sic) there once, and they were foul, I woundered why anyone would want to wear their shirt. As they got closer, I realised it said "F*ckin Gonuts" (although the * was still a u). Slightly inappropriate for a family outing I thought!

B Sousa
4th Jun 2008, 03:31
You certainly have a problem. There is no doubt that you are a threat to international aviation and should be forever banned from flying.
Since that may not happen, dress up in some robe with a towel around your face, you will probably get upgraded to first class.
This guy obviously did not eat his Cheerios for breakfast, what is this world coming too.

4th Jun 2008, 03:48
Here are a couple of my faves....

http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/6148/04062008703jv8.th.jpg (http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=04062008703jv8.jpg)
http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/8084/04062008701yo5.th.jpg (http://img178.imageshack.us/my.php?image=04062008701yo5.jpg)


4th Jun 2008, 04:14
I think the WorlNetDaily's headline of:

Image of toy banned by British Airways

is pretty unfair to BA. It was clearly BAA airport security that caused all this hoo-ha. If he was "inappropriately" dressed, BA check-in staff would have commented.

4th Jun 2008, 07:06
Came through Aldergrove a couple of weeks back and after clearing security noticed what I took to be a security person asking a young girl to demonstate that she could raise her roll on bag above her head after she had repacked it.

Yes, the guys & girls at Aldergrove do seem to take things a little too far at times. I've had a number of run-in's over the years.

However, I think they now all know me well enough to know I wont stand for games from them & there is a mutual respect.

If you want to make a formal complaint to ICTS about this guy, then PM me as I have the mobile numbers of both the station manager & ICTS's Operations Director following previous 'episodes'

Dan D'air
4th Jun 2008, 10:42
But then I'm 6ft4 and weigh 210 pounds

Is your name Sue?

Thats the previous track. The guy in the song was 6'6"" and weighed 235lbs.

4th Jun 2008, 11:08

Here is the shirt you mentioned. Looks pretty scary.

4th Jun 2008, 11:25
I'm a controls engineer. Looking at 126.7's picture, it made me wonder why on all the TV programmes and films, that psychotic bomb makers always wire their explosives using wires of different colours ("Cut the blue wire!") They may as well leave a circuit diagram neatly folded up in the casing too.

If it were me, I'd wire absolutely everything up in ribbon cable, and then hide it behind the circuit boards. Try using your snips on that, Bruce Willis.

"Cut the ninth wire in from the right, viewed from the front, but none of the ohers!"

And I'd make the "countdown" timer change randomly, just to make them sweat.

4th Jun 2008, 11:32
A lesson in bad taste :mad:

4th Jun 2008, 12:21
As far as I am concerned, Heathrow security have long had a reputation for petty stupidity. In 2002, I recall going through T4 with a then 3 year old phnufflet who was wearing a small rucksack, in which with head poking out was favorite teddy (Amber). Amber was held in bag by the smallest safety pin imaginable, literally about half a centimetre long which was too small for sausage fingers phnuff to do anything with. According to T4 security, it was however a threat to the safety of an aircraft and we were made to remove it and get rid of it.

Sorry folks, the bad guys have won only I am not too sure which the bad guys are anymore.

4th Jun 2008, 12:52
Went through T1 with family a couple of Saturdays ago at 8pm - quiet would be an understatement - unsmiling boss security lady watched us walk towards scanner area, then pulled out the elastic barrier so we had to walk through the zig zag (no-one behind us) then a couple of minutes later opened it again. I was sooo tempted to tell her I enjoyed the extra walk, but I just couldn't be bothered to start a holiday with hassle. I was hoping they would argue about the empty 1 litre bottle (allowed, as it is only liquids in a >100ml bottle that are banned), but no luck.

Standard Noise
4th Jun 2008, 13:51
..the guys & girls at Aldergrove do seem to take things a little too far at times
That's cos they're by and large a bunch of arseholes. I've never met a worse crowd of 'security' staff in all my life. If only we had flights to Belfast City from Brizzel, I'd happily pay a higher fare just to avoid the monkeys at Aldergrove.
I went through a ten minute inquisition, not quite the Spanish Inquisition but not far off, just because I had the audacity to bring 40 3'x3' kitchen tiles back in my hand luggage. They were shrink wrapped when I bought them, but the security chimps thought I was hiding something in them and put each bundle of ten tiles through their machine about three times each. I was on the verge of asking them to wake me up when they were finished.
It's a good job I wasn't wearing my 'I'm a bomb disposal officer, if you see me run try to keep up with me' t-shirt!

4th Jun 2008, 15:02
Next Time but on a T-shirt with:
F*ck airport security:}

4th Jun 2008, 16:33
I like this one!



Let's try this link

4th Jun 2008, 16:41
Your link is dead Ozzy...

4th Jun 2008, 17:53
used a new link, let me know if it works


4th Jun 2008, 18:30
I personally have no problem standing in line for an hour or so to clear security as long as it appears that it is making it a safer operation. What really bugs me is the lack of consistency in the application of the rules or guidelines. Case in point, went through security in an airport one day, everything is fine, no problems. One week later, same airport, same flight, told that the clear plastic bag in my carry-on was just a bit too large and that next time “I would be sent back”. Ten days or so later, same airport, same flight, same bag, no comments, and finally couple weeks later “Got sent back” to repack the bag into two smaller bags separating the solids and liquids. So for awhile the bag was an obvious security threat, and then it wasn’t, and then a few weeks later it was again. I can’t wait until my next flight to see if it is back on the list again?

I guess my point is a lot of this process seems to make little sense? If the airports are going to be serious about security there should at least be some level of consistency around the world. Everyone has heard someone say “the security at Heathrow is really strict, or the security at XYZ is rally slack, why is that? The only place that I have ever been that it seems to make sense is Tel Aviv. You are interviewed by one or two agents while standing in line, patted down, bags x-rayed and in most cases secondary searched. The Company that I was visiting also provided me with a letter explaining why I was in the Country; the letter had a reference number on it that was accessed by the agent. All of this before you can proceed to the check-in counter. Pain in the butt, inconvenient but at the end of the day the process actually seems to add some value. Anybody experience a similar process in other parts of the world?

Dak Mechanic
5th Jun 2008, 09:56
It is interesting how it varies: I recently travelled BHX - Dubai - Incheon - Nagoya - Dubai - BHX and the only problem I had was leaving Incheon where my big silver stopwatch and laptop PSU made very worrying XRay images... I'd forgotten they were in the bag!


5th Jun 2008, 15:54
I'm telling you, this is PC Gone Mad, and someone orta do sumthin about it! (3)

6th Jun 2008, 01:11

Security might ignore you with that shirt but check-in sure won't.

"I think you may be more comfortable purchasing two tickets sir" Oh Crap...

B Sousa
6th Jun 2008, 02:22
In the UK a couple years ago and the gal at Virgin asked if I had any Catapults with me, being from the states the only Catapults I knew of were the ones used to send Boiling Oil over the wall in the early 60s in England...or was that earlier.
Anyway I had to ask her what she meant. She had no clue what a catapult was but it was on the list and I could not bring one on board.
We finally found out its what We call a slingshot........... I dont think I have ever taken one on board so all was well. :ugh:

7th Jun 2008, 12:46
A Norwegian engineer who protested that he "didn't have a bomb" while going through airport security checks has been fined £650.
Police were called after Bjoennes continued to shout about bombs and he was arrested.
"He protested about this telling members of staff 'this is ridiculous, don't make your job more important than it is'," said Mr Allan.
(from:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/edinburgh_and_east/7440693.stm )

the beater
7th Jun 2008, 14:32
learn from chopper (www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mA3voZUZrk)
Warning: contains very rude language indeed!

7th Jun 2008, 15:59
"I think conduct of this sort in an airport is extremely disruptive," said the sheriff.

Would have been fined 1000 GBP if he had not pleaded guilty. . . instead of 650. So you can save 350 if you own up to your short-temper. Obviously 52 year old Norwegians are the sort one should watch for.....big belts and all.....

Of course Jack Nicholson flies in a private jet! We are actually paying these security boffins....Job security for us in the GA world!