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27th Aug 2001, 01:22
I found out that jmc have been bought out
by condor,anybody got any news about this
if this is so ...is it good or bad???

27th Aug 2001, 01:39
I'm sure (if this is true) Condor want to take a piece of the UK market and not shut JMC down - which is what would happen if a UK company bought them out.

Interesting that both Condor and JMC have recently acquired the Boeing 757-300 (the drain pipe with wings, wot a bloody stupid looking aircraft).

World Traveller
27th Aug 2001, 01:54
Erm, isn't this old news? Isn't JMC, as part of Thomas Cook, owned by C&N Touristic, who own Condor, and are ultimately owned (at least in part) by Lufthansa?

And they bought Thomas Cook from Preussag (aka World of TUI) about a year ago when the latter acquired Thomson (and therefore Britannia).


Mr @ Spotty M
27th Aug 2001, 01:55
JMC has always been part of Condor.
It is owned by a German company, of which 50% is owned by Condor. They get some of there spares from Condor. :o

IMA Conehead
27th Aug 2001, 19:37
World traveller has it spot on.

JMC is not owned by Condor but C&N, however there are certain simarlarities within the two companies/Fleets and therfore a lot of advantages to be gained by harmonising the way that both Condor & JMC do business.

JMC Currently use Condor for spares pooling for the 75-300's.
100% of JMC & 50% of Condor is under C&N ownership the other 50% of Condor is LH.

Regards IMA :p

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30th Aug 2001, 16:13
C&N aka "Condor and Neckerman"

Kai Weber
30th Aug 2001, 18:03
Maybe soon you will get a new name on your airplanes, like Britania and Hapag-Lloyd do now.
We are flying now for "World of TUI", and both fleets will be painted new.

Donīt worry, JMC will not be sold out or something like that

WEBSI :cool:

30th Aug 2001, 18:23
Check out:

Itīs all there.