View Full Version : My Last Day!

30th May 2008, 13:23
I've given up the 9-5 day job, and my residential ATPL ground school course starts next month!

30th May 2008, 13:50
Best of luck. :ok:

30th May 2008, 13:55
Must feel like your career has 'taken off'.
Pun time!

Dream Land
30th May 2008, 14:03
Blue Skies

30th May 2008, 14:32
Wish I was your age again . . .
Best of luck, RTN11 :ok:

Notso Fantastic
30th May 2008, 15:17
You will have bad moments. Look out of the window at the blue sky and you will start to feel better and know what it is all about, and why. And you will have good moments. Enjoy.

Been professional for nearly 39 years. Would I do it again at your stage? Yes, every time! Don't listen to the whingers. If they decide after all that work they should have done something else, well more fool them! Sometimes it won't be easy though. Getting up at 3am, but just remember what it's about.

30th May 2008, 15:24
Look out of the window at the blue skyand even on the days where there is no blue visible, remind yourself that it's always blue sky above the cloud base - one good reason for getting a job that allows you to rise above the grey each time you work . . .

30th May 2008, 18:05
Great news!

Always good to close a chapter and embark on something new. Good luck.

Howard Hughes
31st May 2008, 01:34
So it's actually your 'first day' then?

Of a new life anyway...;) GOOD LUCK!:ok:

31st May 2008, 06:57
RTN11 I am in the exact same position as yourself, allbeit 2 weeks behind!

I work my last shift on Tuesday 17th June, have two weeks of chillin before I start my ground school course at the beginning of July.

13 shifts to go before i walk out of my current job, for good!

All the best RTN11!


Scooby Don't
31st May 2008, 08:21
Best of luck to you both, RTN11 and jb_2


31st May 2008, 08:28
Keep focused, especially if you experience some setbacks. Mind you, being out of work is a wonderful thing for getting your attention!

Try to form a little group from class, people around your level of ability, with whom you can review the material. That is a big help in learning and also in keeping your morale up.

Don't forget to have fun while you are at it.