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30th May 2008, 13:53
I am concidering doing a B1900 Type rating (FAA).s
Is there any training center that you would suggest?
Anybody knows if it is possible to do a FAA type rating on a B1900 out of Lanseria, South Africa?

31st May 2008, 08:13

- Of course there is Flight Safety, but their price is high!
- I found threads mentionning FTI, 10 000 $

Nothing else? No one knows if it is possible to do the type rating out of Lanseria, South Africa?



28th Jul 2010, 07:37
FTI, Is been sold to bunch of crooks, dishonest people, that will take your money and run you around in a circle.
My advice to you is, Go to other 142 school Like HPA, Pan Am Int’l etc,…….. but do not go to the FTI.
This is a firsthand experience I have had with them.
They are in Denver Colorado and they say they have simulator in Miami!!!!!
PM me and I can give you my first experience with these crook that took my money and did not provide me any training.
Beware, this is a red flag itself. You will be stuck in Miami. No one to help you. You have paid your training(they got your $$$$), the office personal will hang up on you, when you are trying to find out what is going on etc,……. And they will live you dry in Miami with lot of expense.
Yah, go ahead and PM me and I will give you the full detail of what has happen to me. By the way I just found out that there are other victims, we are going to unit and let other craniates in aviation know about the way they are doing business.

28th Jul 2010, 15:23
OK, good to know!
Thanks for sharing your experience with those people!

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