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Alex 009
30th May 2008, 03:16
What's Cathay Pacific (economy) like these days? Looking at getting a last minute trip, and out of the ONEWORLD carriers, Cathay seem to be the cheapest. The last time I flew with them was when they were still at Kai Tak and had the old livery still.

1st Jun 2008, 03:21
I flew with them for the first time last year from Kansai to Hong Kong to Heathrow return. It was quite a bargain fare and I was quite happy with them for the price I paid - especially when they upgraded me to business class for the last sector!

I flew Heathrow to Hong Kong on a newly refurbished 747, my only complaint was that there was no seat pocket for my book, sweets etc so I had to keep them on my knee for the whole journey. There was a strange elastic strap instead of a pocket but it was as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Dan Buster
1st Jun 2008, 07:19
If you go to http://www.cathaypacific.com/cpa/en_INTL/whatonboard/previewthenewseats

you have an interactive view of the cabin layout.

3rd Jun 2008, 10:41
Cabin crew can be hit & miss - very different in the past 18 months and no longer a reason to specifically fly with them.

New business seat "seems" somewhat narrower than other equivalents.