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747 jock
29th May 2008, 20:48
I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a hairdresser / Barbers among the shops at Heathrow T2. (landside not airside).

I'm arriving there from Nigeria in a couple of days, and need to get rid of the 3month "bushman" look before i go to a meeting.


29th May 2008, 23:57
The only ones I know of at LHR are in the business lounges.

Certainly not any "general" ones at LHR either land or air side.

The nearest would be in the local towns/villages.


30th May 2008, 15:27
747 Jock, are you going towards Paddington? Because if you are, there's Charlie's just around the corner from Paddington Station:

31 Spring Street
London, W2 1JA
020 77069877

The main street outside Paddington is Praed Street, the taxi rank is between the station and Eastbourne Terrace. Spring Street is an extension of Eastbourne Terrace. If you leave by the taxi rank, cross Praed Street to the other side, then walk to your right, the next corner is Spring Street, go left there, and Charlies should be on the road.

Alternatively, there's Krendel's Hairdressing:

5 Craven Road
London, W2 3BP
020 72626786

Craven Road is Praed Street, so just follow the above instructions, but instead of going around the corner, cross Spring Street and look for Krendel's.

Hope that helps.



747 jock
31st May 2008, 22:44
Thanks for the info.

I am heading into central london, so a short stop off at Paddington shouldn't be much of a problem.
With my hair (or lack of), I don't need a posh place. As long as they have clippers, they will bw fine.