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29th May 2008, 08:08
I hope easyJet's CEO watches this sight. Last evening's 2057 from Luton to Geneva (scheduled departure 1840) was twice delayed. The last estimated time of departure (2025) went by with the screen still showing this time. At around 2100, a rumour rose from Menzies that the flight had been cancelled. At about 2130, the screen flashed - in green - "Go To Gate 15". Many relieved passengers headed that way - I, along with a few others, smelt a rat - only to be told, once at the gate, that the flight had been cancelled. Strange how the police suddenly materialise. I was prevented from makng my way back through departures (police officer: "Let me explain the Aviation Security Act to you...")

We were finally coralled back to check-in, booked on a flight at 0630 today and told to check in at 0430. Check-in staff were not able to check us in there and then nor issue a boarding card. To cut a long story short, arrived at hotel around 2345 but did not get to my room until 0030. Pick up due at 0400. This has totally wrecked my day and annoyed a few people waiting for me in GVA.

Note the following:

I have no problems with delays, technical or otherwise
Airlines fail to understand that people like to be informed.
Despite easyJet's logo being splashed all over Luton Airport, inside and out, they must have run out of paint in the departure lounge. sleazy's log and its staff were conspicuous by their absence. Deflecting the brick-bats was left to Menzies' staff, who did a good job, to be fair.

All this goes no way to mitigating my growing distaste for the industry and the greedy, arrogant spivs that run it.:yuk:

29th May 2008, 13:49
You think it's bad travelling with them?? Try working for them!!! We have the same problem as you do, when things go well the managment are all over the place, when thing's go tits up they are as rare as hen's teeth.
I SHARE YOU PAIN PEOPLE, and i am not being sarcastic! I would say email them and tell them, but you'll get the same old bulls***

29th May 2008, 14:29
Agree with Bus re keeping passengers informed.
Timely and accurate information.
As the HA it is not always easy to do this as well as they would like to as the airline is not always good at making pro-active decisions; if it is a tech problem then getting specific information can be difficult until the engineers have identified the actual fault. The creeping delay becomes a problem in itself.

I have been in the situation where a delay has been announced and passengers have then been advised that if the fault could not be rectified by another time (some 2:30 ahead) we regretted that we would cancel the flight. This did not reassure a lot of the passengers who kept on asking whether or not the flight would operate. Information in itself does not always solve the problem. So sometimes even best efforts backfire.

Do EZY actually have any management on the floor at LTN? I thought all the ground staff were Menzies.

30th May 2008, 17:43
I spent years in line maintenance and am well aware of the BS fed to pax about the nature of the technical delay. I'll iterate: airline execs fail to appreciate that an informed passenger is probably a lot happier than a mushroom passsenger; just tell the truth!
What really did it for me was calling us to the gate implying that the flight was not cancelled; I suspect this was an attempt to corall the passengers but it smacks of arrogance.
Still, CEO probaly doing very well on shares or options; so who gives a flying f:mad:? Take the money! (But I bet you'd hate to be treated in the same manner as your passengers:yuk:)