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Arm out the window
29th May 2008, 03:39
Lifted from that (partly) highbrow thread about life-changing books:

"Stain on the wall" by Hoo Flung Dung -

So now to lower the tone even further, I propose a thread celebrating those evergreen elicitors of schoolyard sniggers, crazy book titles. Here's a couple of personal favourites:

"Yellow River", by I.P. Daley

"1000 miles to the toilet", by Willie Makeit and Betty Wont.

henry crun
29th May 2008, 04:35
Straight from the Horses Ass, by Lee Hughes

29th May 2008, 05:18
Babies Revenge by Nora Titoff

29th May 2008, 06:22
12 Years in the Saddle by Major Bumsore

Howard Hughes
29th May 2008, 06:37
Wear glass bra's by Seymour Titt.:ooh:

29th May 2008, 07:17
Mounds in the desert by Mustava Crapp

29th May 2008, 07:21
Death on the Cliff by Eileen Dover

Bubbles in the Bath by Ivor Windy-Bottom

(Amazing, crappy jokes from sniggering schooldays nearly forty years ago come flooding back and yet I can't remember the best JetBlast Friday jokes by the time I get down the boozer after work... what was that about signs of dementia on t'radio this morning?)

29th May 2008, 07:31
"A farmer goes to market" By Tobias A. Pigg

"A vets guide to animal illnesses" By Ann Thrax

"How to look years younger" By Fay Slift

"Classic French cookery" By Sue Flay

29th May 2008, 08:20
A guide to happiness - I.M. Jolly

Puddle on the floor - I.P. Squint

The Banister Nail - R. Stornaway

Around the world in 100 days - Sir Cumference

29th May 2008, 08:31
Living in a Police State - Laura Norder

The Slave Trade - Isaac Umminmassa



29th May 2008, 09:04
Russian Striptease - Eva Vestoff
Maintaining Discipline - Ben Dover & Tanya Hide
Ancient Pottery - Terry Cotter

29th May 2008, 09:26
How to give up smoking by Mustava Phagg

The Good Cloakrooms Guide by Mohatma Kote

29th May 2008, 10:06
poo on the wall- by hoo flung dung!!

"My Life as a Knife" by I. M. Sharpe

The Sherriffs late-by hands up.

The Russians Escape-by easynickinoff

29th May 2008, 10:13
The Irish Guide to Homosexuality in the 21st Century - Phil McKrackin and Pat MaGroin

Homosexuality in the Southern Counties - Ben Dover

Idiots Guide to Gynaecology (German Edition) - Dr Hans Upper-C*** :=

The Gun Runners Guide to Small Arms - Jeremy Beadle

I'll get me coat

Arm out the window
29th May 2008, 10:43
"Holes in the bed", by Mister Completely.

29th May 2008, 11:33
'My time in the Gulags' by Ivor Bollocoff

Howard Hughes
29th May 2008, 11:43
OUCH! (how I lost my virginity) by Buster Hyman!;)

29th May 2008, 11:49
"The Lethal Female Russian Spy" by Ivana Kutcherkokoff

29th May 2008, 12:48
Tiger In The Bath by Claude Balls

Nail on the Bannister by R. Stornaway

Flooded Bathroom by I. P. Squint


29th May 2008, 13:05
At a-level biology I remember a text book by an author called slaughter:

Slaughter: Living things.


Mercenary Pilot
29th May 2008, 13:16
Makin' money - by Robin Banks

Fat Bottom Girls - Hugh Jazz

I Forgot To Throw Up! - J. "2 Jags" Prescott :E

29th May 2008, 15:41
You won't believe the reviews of this one - and I bet you won't find it reviewed in the Sunday Times.... (http://www.amazon.com/Hand-Bush-Fine-Vaginal-Fisting/dp/1890159026)


29th May 2008, 16:28
The reviews of that book make amusing reading -

http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0._V47081849_.gif I'm super into fisting, March 18, 2006
By XXXXXXXXhttp://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/icons/drop-down-icon-small-empty-arrow._V13355991_.gif (http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AY2MW9P28HQ5G/ref=cm_cr_pr_pdp) (San Francisco, CA) - See all my reviews (http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/AY2MW9P28HQ5G/ref=cm_cr_pr_auth_rev?ie=UTF8&sort%5Fby=MostRecentReview)
I love fisting, so this book is right on for me. I also like fisting videos. I would say this is a great book for details regarding how to put one's whole hand into a vagina.


http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-5-0._V47081849_.gif Dam good..., July 12, 2002
By A Customer

Man, this book is a total god send. I admit it was me who got my girlfriend into fisting and we had experienced some funky stuff, like frequent trips to the hospital and vaginal tairs but then we got our hands on the book. Now that we have this book we are for ever fisting each other, day and night. We have even introduced our friends into it, so now every weekend we go to our trailor and have fisting parties, we find this a wonderful and extremly liberating experience. I would highly recommend this book to all, especially to beginners as getting to grip with the basics is an essential.

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews
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29th May 2008, 16:52
England In Ruins - By Tony Bliar and Gordon Brown.

29th May 2008, 18:23
Urinary Incontinence, by I.P. Freely

Viagra and You, by Dixie Normous

Sex and the Single Girl, by Amanda Hugankiss

Arm out the window
29th May 2008, 22:16
'Handling Pyrotechnics' by Bernie Zarsoff.

'Russian Nympho' by Ivana Humpalot