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29th May 2008, 01:54
Has anyone been to this new Cabair outfit yet or can coment on the place?

Facilities/Instructors/Planes any good etc?


29th May 2008, 13:12
I would be interested in replies to this also! Considering Cabair as an option but having read alot of stories, some bad I may add, It would inspire confidence in the FTO if some current students could comment on the thread starters questions :ok:

17th Jun 2008, 12:20
any experience here peeps?

17th Jun 2008, 12:29
i enquired about hour building there a few weeks ago, but told its not up and running for modular training until September at the earliest. But will be in Valencia hour building in July so i'll check it out.

16th Aug 2008, 19:49
Hi all

I am looking at this flight school as part of cabair.
I think it has only recently been set up, just wondering does anyone have any experience of this course in Requena ( near Valencia ) or indeed cabair in general.

Would appreciate as much detail as possible.

They give a **guide** price as the modular routing costing in around 50,000
for the following :

PPL - 45 Hours
Night Qulification - 5 Hours
Hour Building - 100 Hours
ATPL Theoretical Knowledge - Ground School
Commercial Pilots Licence - 25 Hours
Multi-Engine Rating - 6 Hours
Instrument Rating - 55 Hours
MCC - 20 Hours.

any thoughts or opinions wouuld be hugely appreciated as trying to filter all this stuff is pretty big for a newbie.

Thanks very much


18th Aug 2008, 15:02
Hi John,

The best thing for you to do would be to contact Cabair by phone and ask to talk to Jane Brookfield. She's the sales manager in charge of the modular programs and can give you a full quote for what you need as well as lots of helpful info wether you decide to train with them or not.

I spoke with her myself in Feburary this year and she told me they were just about to open the Requena school for modular students (It's currently their intergrated base). I then got back in touch in April and still the school had still not opened. It was the same story again at the start of June, so I wouldn't hold your breath about doing modular there anytime soon... The quote I had was around 32,000 btw, that was minimum hours, PPL+NR+IMC and 100 hours of hour building in Florida; distance ATPL; CPL/IR+ME in the UK and a 2000 loyality discount. I was told Spain would be more expencive and don't forget the Euro is very strong right now which isn't good for costs there.

My personal opinion of Cabair as someone who has started my PPL with them is that they have a mix of good and poor instructors, but as long as you keep on top of your problems and tell them about any issues they'll do their best to resolve them. Kind of like Tesco or Asda really ;)

But anyway, the number to call is 01202581122. If you are close by I reccommend making an appointment to visit them in Bournemouth too. Good luck with your training and make sure that you make an informed decision, don't just go on what one FTO says!

18th Aug 2008, 18:45
Hi Xorthis

Thanks very much for the info.


18th Aug 2008, 21:14

I wrote to Jane not long ago to gain some information about Requena however they haven't got any information yet, she replied.
The modular course is starting on 1 October in Requena according to the website...would be nice to have some information shortly...

28th Aug 2008, 01:16
any news re Requena modular flight training from Cabair starting 1st Oct? is it possible to do groundschool in their UK facility? tnx

12th Sep 2008, 17:54
any more news regarding the start of PPL training?

also accomodation? does cabair help with where to stay?

Air Slidder
12th Sep 2008, 19:17
Cabair instuctors excellent... facilities are less so. Lanchester hall is rubbish, though a good laugh. There's no wi-fi and you'll get none of the Cranfield uni facilities. I've only just started here but I'll try to keep everyone posted.

23rd Sep 2008, 13:41
Any more inside info on this place?

Is the set up of the place similar to FTE Jerez or is it more of a club environment?

1st Oct 2008, 23:40
any more news?

3rd Oct 2008, 00:34
the best thing bout cabair is requena try to get as much hours as u can,in cfd sleep will be your last name :}

Tom Power
19th Dec 2008, 10:32
Has anyone herd much about them? They seem a nice and cheap option to go with. Any feedback is appriciated. Cheers... And Happy Christmas to all.

19th Dec 2008, 11:31
Cheap - ha your joking right????

U need to take into account your accommodation and all your food as that is not included. You will spend a fortune.

Also the fact that they have limited amount of planes (PA28) there and too many students so you will be sat about doing nothing for most of the days.

I would recommend a modular school as you are treated a lot better and fly a lot more.

Tom Power
19th Dec 2008, 12:18
Well thats what I was doing. Modular in Requena. Ill have free accommodation as a good friend lives in Valencia. Just wondering if anyone has done any flying there, and the modular route there IS a lot cheeper than others that I have checked. Cheers...

7th Jan 2009, 14:52
has anyone any more news?

i hear it's starting up now this year but as you'll see, this thread goes back to may 08!

9th Jan 2009, 09:22
I just called last week and the modular is not up yet...

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