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18th Feb 2002, 13:23
<a href="http://news.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc?pagename=View&c=Article&cid=FT330B76TXC" target="_blank">Financial Times</a> article building on rumours about bmi trying to lease their A330's to DAT.

19th Feb 2002, 00:41
Interesting article. A couple of weeks ago I was departing IAD for LHR. We use stand 32 which is right next to the BMI gate for MAN. Counted just over 40 pax for BMI whereas I was just about full in 3 class 777. . .Any BMI guys got more info - I would have thought ORD might be fareing a little better?

19th Feb 2002, 02:42
I wouldn't read too much into that story, the Trans-Atlantic traffic is building up again, and the word is that Bish is quite happy about it.

Kalium Chloride
19th Feb 2002, 13:03
ATI says its a bunch of tosh, tho' the DAT/SN talks have fallen through

19th Feb 2002, 13:27
kalum Chlorid...may well be! but how do u know the DAT/SN situation has fallen through as news of this, at least to my knowledge has yet been discided! thanks.. <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

19th Feb 2002, 18:11

There are a couple of paragraphs about it in Tuesdays <a href="http://news.ft.com/ft/gx.cgi/ftc?pagename=View&c=Article&cid=FT330B76TXC" target="_blank">FT.com</a>

21st Feb 2002, 20:13

well yes that is what we say for now, but there is still a large unanswered question about numbers of a/c vis a vis demand in the absence of BD's LHR Atlantic operation. SK certainly don't need lift, nor the rest of Star Alliance I think. Hence the DAT talks it seems.