View Full Version : You couldn't make it up!

28th May 2008, 14:48
I reported some offensive graffiti to our local council who suprisingly sent round a man quite quickly to overpaint the offending text.

However, It was raining heavily here at time and he used a water based emulsion paint to do the "cleanup"!!:\

Within 5 mins of him having "done the job", and leaving, the paint had all washed off the wall and was running down the local drain.

I've sent a slightly tounge in cheek "report" to the local authority regarding this and await the response!

Ho Hum!!:zzz:

28th May 2008, 14:53
Money down the drain?

Utrinque Apparatus
28th May 2008, 19:00
It'll be another council whitewash :}