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Tonic Please
27th May 2008, 22:21
Hi all,

My plans in Marseille haven't gone as expected (I didn't like the potential flatmates I came to meet), so I shall be returning to London ASAP. I only got a one way since I had no intention in returning for 3-4 months!

I came with BA. I'd like to get back to LHR or LGW. What would my chances be (I couldn't care less about waiting for 8 hours if it means a cheap flight home due to a cancellation) if I just turned up at BA or Easyjet here in marseille and said "My plans fell through, whats the cheapest and soonest you can get me home?". I have never done such a thing. I came here 1 way for 62, but all the flights are online are about 200+ !!!!!!

Do cancellations happen regularly? And if so, how would they charge me? The price of the cancelled ticket, or if I'm nice and charming, can I haggle?

Thanks in advance!

Dan :suspect:

27th May 2008, 23:52
Not a chance I'm afraid, 200+ is all you'll be charged at the airport...

28th May 2008, 07:56
Nice should be much cheaper. Check it out and get the train up the coast or check train to Paris and flights from there, French SNCF are usually cheap.

28th May 2008, 08:50
Not ideal I know but you could fly Ryanair to STN on Sat for 85.15 Euros although I assume you would also have bags etc that would add to the cost.Should still work out a lot cheaper though.:}

28th May 2008, 09:37
get the train up the coast or check train to Paris and flights from there, French SNCF are usually cheap.

I think you will find the TGVs are not cheap if booked last minute either...

28th May 2008, 13:47
LCCs make as much out of late bookings as they do out of holding early bookings for months. There are no such things as Stand By and all carriers continue to hold the line that they will not sell of empty seats at bucket rates in the last 5 minutes before closing. They know what that would do to future bookings.

You may meet the law of diminishing returns and best to cut your losses and run. If you have to get back to start looking for work, then the sooner you are back the better. If you have free accommodation in the UK but not in France, then the extra flight cost is offset.