View Full Version : Grass cutting vs. carbon footprint

27th May 2008, 23:20
I've just cut our grass. What a complete & utter waste of petrol that is. Is it more or less wasteful of fuel than flying aeroplanes? Give me a donkey or some geese any day.... For grass cutting, not flying planes....

Standard Noise
27th May 2008, 23:22
Nah you need a goat. At least you'll get cheese from it.
A gallon of petrol does me for the summer cutting our grass.

tony draper
27th May 2008, 23:28
That or plant short grass.:rolleyes:

27th May 2008, 23:29
A neighbouring farmer built a house for his family. His new wife demanded a lawn and required him to mow it. This lasted for a few weeks only as the farmer decided that any crop that he couldn't sell was uneconomic to harvest, so the grass was thereafter treated with chemicals to inhibit the growth (no, it wasn't weed killer - it was cleverer than that IIRC).

Saab Dastard
27th May 2008, 23:32
Given the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by cattle and sheep and other herbivores (but not kangaroos, apparently), the lawnmower is possibly the greenest solution (apart from kangaroos, obviously) for keeping a given amount of grass at a given height.

Unless you take the lawnmower racing, of course.

28th May 2008, 04:16
Bottle of cheap whiskey (Scotch not Irish) and sprinkle it on the grass, comes up half cut apparently.

28th May 2008, 04:32

28th May 2008, 05:17

Where's the seat and the beer holder?

Flying Binghi
28th May 2008, 05:49
The trouble with useing kangaroos to keep the lawn mown, is every time you decide to pot the excess (roos that is) you will then suffer from an excess of bleating vegetarians and vegans. Then you will need to call in the army to get rid of the vegys.... well, thats what happens in Oz any way :E

28th May 2008, 10:05
What about rabbits? Apart from them preferring the flowers they do actually do a serious job of eating grass when it is their only option.

28th May 2008, 11:17
Nah, bunnies are too busy err "playing" to eat grass...


28th May 2008, 11:46
Bottle of cheap whiskey (Scotch not Irish)

Err if it is whiskey, it can not be Scotch, so must be Irish or that yukky American stuff.:(

Solid Rust Twotter
28th May 2008, 12:04

They can be recycled as curry.

28th May 2008, 12:39
is this what you had in mind?