View Full Version : Does anyone know Paris Charles De Gaul airport well?

Mish Nish
27th May 2008, 20:15
I'm flying into Paris CdG airport next week to meet my husband, and then we're catching the train down south.

I arrive in terminal 2A, an hour or so after he arrives in terminal 2F, both early morning.

Neither of us know the airport at all, but we're very good at following directions.

Any suggestions on a good place to meet up? I think we're taking the first-class train (to Carcassonne), so maybe just the CdG train station (where we get to use the first class train lounge if there's one there, ooh, lala)?

And.........which hotels are the nicest for the least amount of money at Charles de Gaul (or which to avoid at all costs?!)? We need to spend one night there on our way home.

Oh, and looong stretch - can anyone recommend anywhere nice but not exorbitantly expensive to stay in Carcassonne for a couple of nights?


27th May 2008, 20:41
The main railway station is in terminal 2.
5 mins walk from either 2A or 2F, Easy to find each other there.

Little Blue
27th May 2008, 21:16
Yep...agree with ballsout. Station is by far the best bet.
As for airport hotels?
Don't......I've stayed at most of em. And all a rip-off !
Copthorne was about the best of a bad bunch.
Better off staying in the city, IMO.
Good luck !

27th May 2008, 22:27
Last time I was in CDG, there was a free shuttle bus from the terminals to the station.

The Real Slim Shady
28th May 2008, 07:35
You could check http://www.paris-cdg.com/maps.html and also http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/Adp/en-GB/Passagers/ for info on CDG.

This link http://en.parisinfo.com/ is general info on Paris from their tourism office.

The TGV UK site http://www.tgv.co.uk/ will give you info on the rail network: chances are you will have to change in Toulouse for Carcassone.

The local tourist office site is http://www.carcassonne.org/carcassonne_en.nsf/vueTitre/docpgeIntroVisiter

If you need to fly from CCF try http://www.ryanair.com

Enjoy your stay.

29th May 2008, 04:47
I dont know the airport that well so won't enter into that part of the question, but I have stayed (and will be staying again next month) at the Ibis at Paris Nord 2. It has a free shuttle service to and from (navette, seeing as we are in La Belle France...), and it is perfectly OK for an overnight stay. It's not the Ritz, but then it's cheaper than the Ritz and you don't have to get into the city. If you have time, fair enough, but if you just want a convenient bed, it's worth a try.

29th May 2008, 10:46
The Ibis is a cost-effective alternative. You pay for the room, not per person, and although the rooms are the size of matchboxes with an all-plastic moulded bathroom module that harks from Star Trek (or similar), it's good enough to rest for a night.



Mish Nish
29th May 2008, 14:16
:ok: Thanks so much - all really helpful!!!

29th May 2008, 20:12
know it is spelt Charles de Gaulle!!

29th May 2008, 20:47
If the idea is to just spend the night rather that actually stay somewhere with options to visit Paris.... then i would suggest Suite Hotel at Roissy, its beside the airport with a shuttle service, cheap cheerful and much better than Ibis.

There is a shuttle train connecting Terminal 2 with the RER train station and Terminal 1. You could try meeting him at the entrance, its about 5 mins walk from 2F.


30th May 2008, 07:37
I know CDG well (or Roissy as they refer to it in France) Personally I'd meet your friend as he emerges from arrivals in in 2F, though the railway teminus is a good place also. If it's early morning expect the airport to be very busy.

As Mutt says Suite Hotels are an excellent choice if you want something fairly cheap, I often use them when I'm paying out of my own pocket. One word of warning, they don't provide much in the way of a restaurant so make other arrangements for dinner. Also, the airport does not possess one restaurant of good quality. Ask at hotel reception, they'll know somewhere decent to eat.

2nd Jun 2008, 05:07
I arrived in 2F on Saturday, thinking of this message i looked for an easy place to meet someone. I would suggest the following:

1: Information desk, 30 meters to exit from 2F customs.
2: The restaurant almost directly opposite the exit, its on the left side of a massive tunnel that connects 2 terminals.

I stayed in Paris, so no comments on airport hotels this time :)


3rd Jun 2008, 01:12
I had a look at the Suite Hotels, EUR20 more expensive than Ibis. It does look a nicer product but the difference will buy me a half decent bottle of wine at the following night's dinner! I'll be there less than 12 hours so I still think that, despite the Star Trek bathroom, Ibis gets the nod this time. Later in the year, I'll have the missus with me, so I may well try SH then, she'll appreciate it ;)! Thanks for the heads up mutt.

Mish Nish
4th Jun 2008, 15:52
Mutt - what a star - thanks for thinking of us on your travels! :ok: Looks like we'll aim for that restaurant by the tunnels - er - you don't happen to remember its name by any chance?

We're taking the advice of lots, and staying in central Paris after all, not out at the airport (de Gaulle - thanks for that, jimworks!).

So - Paris hotels, anyone? Old, charming, central, incredibly good value?

Mish Nish (the one who likes to be spoonfed....if anyone ever needs useful suggestions on travelling in Canada, just ask :O )

Dan Air 87
4th Jun 2008, 19:35
My vote is to meet at the CDG Train Station.

The information service at CDG is hit and miss and its safer to avoid it!

5th Jun 2008, 15:32
er - you don't happen to remember its name by any chance?Nope sorry...... but to use the old phrase....you cant miss it. Basically opposite arrivals there is long tunnel connecting terminals F and E.. The restaurant occupies the first 10 meters of the tunnel so you cant miss it.

As for Paris Hotels, stayed at the Le Meridian...... crew rates :ok:


5th Jun 2008, 20:17
Paris hotels, anyone? Actually, yes :) Try the Hotel Saint Dominique, 62 rue Saint Dominique in the 7th arrondissement. Tel. +33(0)147058128
[email protected]
Itīs near the Invalides and just a 10 minutes walk from the tour Eiffel, in one of the nicest streets in Paris.

6th Jun 2008, 07:37
^^^ Looks a winner to me, great location. Rates not bad (for Europe!)