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27th May 2008, 06:25
Morning all,

This flight was due to operate MBJ-BHX arriving 06:30 this morning.

Latest info is that it diverted to SFB - does anyone have any more details?



27th May 2008, 07:24
Good Morning, I'm not 100% sure but the diversion could be 1 of 3 factors.

1, a medical emergency. 2, disruptive behaviour. 3 a technical fault.

Sadly the longhaul flights seem to attract disruptive passsengers.

The aircraft will have been a 763.

I know it's a bit vague, But just a guide for you.

Hope it helps.;)

Notso Fantastic
27th May 2008, 08:47
S78, pardon me, but isn't this supposed to be a site for professional pilots and items of interest to professional pilots? I think passenger and aircraft service arrival and departure information is better off elsewhere! Where does it end? Demands for explanations for delays? What IFE can you expect going to Puerto Plata? I think this section is certainly only for items of news interest to many, not for your particular flight delay!

27th May 2008, 09:39
To be fair. I think you will find this is the section for passengers not pilots.

27th May 2008, 10:11

Can't help with the diversion but showing an eta of 2310 now :eek:.

However top marks to TOM as they have positioned in G-OBYG
(oh no registration - off to spotters balcony:rolleyes:) to operate the
outbound Punta Cana this morning.

Some might say a bit worrying TOM having a spare 763 over the
Bank Holiday period but I bet the Punta Cana pax won't care :).


I think it was originally posted in Rumour & News, almost an
unspeakable crime that carries x years ;).

I realise it must be annoying for the Mods to continually move posts to the correct forum but it is the reaction of others which crack me up.


Notso Fantastic
27th May 2008, 10:46
call100- the posting was placed in Rumours and News!

There seems to be a total outbreak of people unable to post in the right section these days!

27th May 2008, 11:26

I was following on from other posts concerning diverts which can be found in rumours and news, for example:


If I want aircraft arrival and departure times I'll look at the relevant airport's website:rolleyes: