View Full Version : Airline Pilots Job Problems

26th May 2008, 13:47
Ok, let's face it. Unless we're flying Intercontinental for a major famous airliner as a Captain, being an airline pilot would really be a horrible profession then.

You just got to be one of the guys that loves everything about airplanes. Loose girlfriends because the only thing you can talk about are airplanes, or worse (or for some better lol) loose marriages.

I have been doing some thinking. I am an FO now flying B737 NGs, I love to fly, fly aerobatics and did some agro-flying in the Ipanemas, but what I am doing, for what I get, in terms of everything a human being needs to get to have a happy life, I just don't get.

Then, I look around at the captains. And see they're in some really bad shape. Physically and many mentally. How do some people pass medical tests? Anyway, that is not the point.

A friend of mine, 26 years old, opened a gym, makes now 3x more than a captain in my company, he bought himself a Super Decathlon, does aerobatics, and planning in teaching aerobatics flying next to opening more gyms and a club and I am a guy, working my arse off for decent pay (there is no more such thing as excellent pay, if people think they earn excellent, get over it, 28 year old investment bankers in one month make more than 60 year old airline chief captains in 1 year) and what bothers me the most, with all these pilots missing as they say, we earn less.

I think, you are either stuck in it, or have to be a hardcore airplane fan, because if there is someone reading this that thinks "oh, let's be an airline pilot, why not, sounds like fun" so get out and study something else because that was my attitude, so if you have a "Airline Pilot is what I am and I don't care if I do it for free if I have to, but this is my heart and love and this is what I until I drop dead", then you should go ahead for it, because that's as much motivation as you need to go on well these days.

Oh, and stay away from low cost low fare airliners (thanks God I am not part of one of those) but those are just ridiculous in all aspects. On top of that I read in the papers today, many of those will fail with the new economic crisis or collapse that is starting to take place.