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Ian Brooks
26th May 2008, 12:20
Just read on BBC website following

An unwitting passenger arriving at Japan's Narita airport has received 142g of cannabis after a customs test went awry, officials say.
A customs officer hid a package of the banned narcotic in a side pocket of a randomly chosen suitcase in order to test airport security.
Sniffer dogs failed to detect the cannabis and the officer could not remember which bag he had put it in.
Anyone finding the package has been asked to contact customs officials.
"This case was extremely regrettable. I would like to deeply apologise," said Narita International Airport's customs head Manpei Tanaka.

The customs officer conducted the test on a passenger's bag against regulations. Normally a training suitcase is used.
"I knew that using passengers' bags is prohibited, but I did it because I wanted to improve the sniffer dog's ability," the officer was quoted as saying.
"The dogs have always been able to find it before... I became overconfident that it would work," he said.
Japan has strict laws against drugs and possession of small amounts of cannabis can lead to a prison sentence.

We spend millions on trying to stop them and Janan gives them away for free LOL


26th May 2008, 12:27
Wonder what will happen when a "residual trace" of the drugs is recognised by a perky hound on the customers next trip.

Think the officials will believe the story and let them go?

Ian Brooks
26th May 2008, 12:41
Time to buy a new suit case I guess


26th May 2008, 13:00
One can but hope the pax was not txfer to an internal flight ... :eek:

Using a 'test' case with a radio tag inside would make sense - but to use a PAX bag??? Someone is in trouble.

26th May 2008, 13:04
One hopes that Dubai (et al) aren't next in the unwitting volunteer's itinerary!

26th May 2008, 13:26
I sympathize a bit with the Japanese Customs officer who was entirely correct in his suspicions. My wife is a canine behaviourist (thats a dog trainer to you) and her comment was that using the same suitcase every time was an insult to the dogs' ability ("Oh here we go, thats Hiroshi's case 'cause its blue and it smells of him on the outside"....). Worse, because the officers will have been historically rewarding the "find", the animal will start to select on cues other than cannabis - i.e. it will let cannabinoid containing cases go through because its also looking for other criteria that it is consistently rewarded for AS WELL AS cannabis.

The first law of dog training (apparently) is "behaviour that is rewarded is likely to be repeated".

No accident that the dog didn't find it when the cue was changed..... their detection rates must have been really rubbish!


26th May 2008, 15:16
quote from customs officer, "I cannot remember what bag it was in", as he said with a huge smile on his face as he sat back in his chair to the sounds of the "hamlet cigar add" playing in the background.

26th May 2008, 15:26
Yes, Pinkman, that makes sense. One would suppose that for each test, they would take an old pax case that was terminally lost and about to be sold off and put the goods in there.

Still, if the Japanese can $crew it up so beautifully, it makes the failure of T5 more bearable!

26th May 2008, 15:42
This is a country where the Vicks nasal sniffy thingy is illegal, so good luck to the passenger on their outward journey. 23 days in interrogation without access to a lawyer, squire.

26th May 2008, 16:08
If Singapore thinks you have enough to be considered trafficking you stand a good chance of the death penalty and you would not be the first to be hung for it.