View Full Version : Eurovision... it's that time again..

24th May 2008, 16:28
Well, we always have a Eurovision thread in here, so here we go.

Shame Ireland got booted out in the qualifiers, quite fancied seeing a real turkey, as against the one cunningly disguised as the UK entry.

Funniest bit nowadays has to be the ridiculous partisan, sychophantic (sp?) voting. Thats why the UK will never, ever have a hope of winning again.

(PS - my kids say the one to watch this year is the Spanish entry......)

Beatriz Fontana
24th May 2008, 16:36
Apparently the humour of the Irish turkey didn't translate very well!

Spanish entry looks like a complete pi$$ take so it probably has a chance. Although the Russian entry is looking good, if only for the votes and not the music...

12 points to Cyprus from Greece perchance?

24th May 2008, 16:41
Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine - The ex USSR voting system (which officially isnt voting, just backing up - as i guess they never knew what a vote was in the first place)
All the baltic countries have a nice little thing going on.
Scandinavians do it, but not enough of them.

Where as us western europeans don't really have tatics and vote truthfully.

Just a case of whos got the most buddies.

Look what us english have to be proud of, probably the most unentusiastic atist ever. Im upset... :{

2 sheds
24th May 2008, 16:47
Certainly not spelling or grammar!

PPRuNe Pop
24th May 2008, 16:53
It is a complete farce and waste of money. Generally the songs are terrible, as are the attempts to 'catch' the votes - waste of time too. IMHO of course!

24th May 2008, 18:01
Just to rub it in still further, included in a discussion on R4 the other day, someone stated that "We are still involved in it because Britain is a major financial contributor". They were debating why we even bothered televising it.

24th May 2008, 18:03
latvia to win!

at 40-1 that would pay for a nice bit of flying