View Full Version : The 'It's a strange strange world' thread

Lydia Dustbin
24th May 2008, 13:54
It is a strange strange world. Can you find any other examples of human oddity?

Man Admits having sex with 1000 cars (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/2000899/Man-admits-'having-sex'-with-1,000-cars.html)

24th May 2008, 14:44
Ah! I see...

I'd heard of "up the tailpipe"...

Two's in
24th May 2008, 14:52
Just recently a Labour politician from the Sedgefield constituency claimed to have screwed 60 million people over a ten year period. Clearly just some perverted fantasy...

24th May 2008, 15:18
Now I know what some people mean when they use the term "tailgating".

24th May 2008, 18:20
One way or another, must be exhausting. Or in the German, "Auspuffing".

24th May 2008, 19:45
I once had sex with the Camp Bicycle... :suspect:

More than once actually. :}

tony draper
24th May 2008, 20:23
I once had sex. :(

24th May 2008, 20:48
...And you never thanked me Drapes.:{

24th May 2008, 20:56
"Tried it once, didn't like it"

Note the quotes - tweren't me said it.

24th May 2008, 23:00
Occasionally, after a hard day or just because I feel a little sad, I'll give my Renault a gentle pat on the side or even lightly caress the dashboard an instant, in appreciation. She's almost 10 years old and we've done about 135,000km together - that's a lot of time spent together, we've been through a lot in some ways. Never considered having sex with her though. Well, she's only 10... :ok:

24th May 2008, 23:29
I'd heard of "up the tailpipe"...
Or in the case of Airwolf ... up the pitot tube ???? :}