View Full Version : Pollies Promises (or Pigs Might Fly)

23rd May 2008, 16:17
At least I have an aviation content in the title.....however.....

Krudd, the "well known" PM of Oz, rode to power on vague promises of helping 'working families' by keeping inflation under control, reining in grocery prices, sorting out the price of petrol etc etc etc. He also severely castigated the previous incumbent of the job because he had 'core promises' and 'non-core promises'.

Well, it seems Krudd is at least sticking with the pledge not to have 'non-core promises'. He's just told the nation, 6 months into the job, that it's all too difficult and that his government has "done all it humanly can" about those problems.

I suppose that giving up and walking away from the problems is better than breaking a 'non-core promise'

Pollies. Don't yer just lurve 'em :{