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Krystal n chips
23rd May 2008, 05:46
You really couldn't make some of this up.....the topic would make an excellent sit com actually.....anyway, please note the inspired :rolleyes: thinking below....and also, ahem, the bit about the size of the of the rubbish bins that were ordered, one assumes, by the, er, council :ugh:


At the other end of the scale, we have those who must have truly missed their vocation and will no doubt be applying to the CIA, MI5/6 etc in the near future base on the expertise gained in the covert surveillance of...dog fouling. :ugh:

Some, if not all, of these little jobsworth oxygen thieves are truly in a class of their own.....and probably were at school !.


west lakes
23rd May 2008, 08:52
That first one is an absolute classic, and certainly shows the jobsworths actually don't know a lot about health & safety.

As an employer, yes, the council has a duty to avoid injury to it's staff - no problem.
But they also have a duty to avoid injury to those not in their employ i.e. the folks they are asking to take the recyclable stuff out the bin.

Of course they are also not supposed to introduce a procedure or purchase any equipment without first making sure it is not a health & safety risk!!

Effluent Man
23rd May 2008, 10:30
I hold my hands up.I was a District Councillor for 14 years.A friend first persuaded me to stand and I got elected.On three future occasions the electorate was daft enough in sufficient numbers to re-elect me.

What happens is this.On election you attend a sort of induction course where Council Officers persuade you that although 1500 mug punters might have marked your name with a cross what they really wanted was for them to interfere in their lives.For the most part these officers are well meaning fools,who,having failed to make their mark in any worthwhile occupation have gravitated towards one where they can be useless and vindictive without being sacked.The councillors for the most part failed to see through this ruse and "went native".

During my last two years I only spoke once to the full council.We had a meeting on a wednesday evening and during some debate about whether they should serve chips or roast potatoes with the Council Xmas dinner I stated : "Several million of our compatriots are currently in front of the telly-box watching Coronation Street.They are contributing more to the general good than we are here"

I was assured that this addressed the main points of a valedictory speech being both brief and accurate.

23rd May 2008, 11:21
west lakes,

Your post seems spot on to me.

Regarding the request for residents "to work with us", which on the face of it sounds polite and respectful, I believe that lawyers have a latin tag for this, namely: "volenti non fit injuria". In effect this means that you volunteer at your own risk, and are unlikely to get compensation for any consequent injury.

Perhaps this is why they are asking people to do this "if you feel able", rather than bringing in yet more legislation to compel it. Would the lawyers amongst us care to offer authoritative opinion on this?

23rd May 2008, 12:06
My local council in South Ayrshire made a big noise about householders being able to buy an extra Green Bin for the rubbish.Letters to every home.Having purchased said item,6 months later,(again letters to every home),kindly informed us that from the next collection,we were only entitled to put out 1 Green bin for collection every 2 weeks,not 2!!!!!:mad:

Still living near the golf courses & walking the hound on said courses,I now have a green bin in the garage FULL of repatriated golf balls.

Anyone need any???

Krystal n chips
24th May 2008, 06:51
Today's offering........:ugh:.


Impress to inflate
24th May 2008, 07:29
I worked on "t bins" for a 18 months on and off. I started in the good ol' days of black plackie bags them the local Nazi party issued all houses with wheelie bins. I personally preferred the old days of black bags. An efficient "crew" (motley) could run down the street and grab half a dozen bags at once and clean a street in no time flat then came the wheelies. A lot cleaner but 8 time longer to clear the street. Also with the wheelie bins, if you had a house with a fire, the ashes would blow out of the wheelie bins when being emptied and end up in everyone eyes, lungs and mouth !

There will always be a small minority of idiots who look for something to complain about and as the ex councilor said, roast tatties or chips at the council piss up.

The world had gone mad and these idiots should be sterilized at birth