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17th Feb 2002, 21:01
Has anyone else seen the report in the News of the World (sorry) about the Learjet crash in May 2000?

Although the, alledged, findings of the French Inquiry probably aren't far off what anyone would have thought, there are lots of comments from a "colleague" of the aircraft Captain.

For instance:

"a colleague questioned Capt Saunders' flying ability...had only flown small propellor aircraft...I'm not surprised..."

His "colleague" also alledges that he had a restricted licence because of poor eyesight.

"The vast majority of commercial airline companies in the UK will only accept pilots with an unrestricted licence and I do know that on this basis he had been turned down by many other companies".

Now I don't know about you, but I always think that the vast majority of fatal accidents end up being PE because there is a vital source of evidence not there to defend itself.

However I would hope, for all you, that if you're ever (God-forbid) in the same situation that your colleague doesn't sully your memory in this way.

Sir, you are a **** .

17th Feb 2002, 21:12
leave it to the lawyers of the deceased's families.with any luck,he will be taken to the wall and shot. <img src="mad.gif" border="0">

17th Feb 2002, 21:18
&lt;&lt;His "colleague" also alledges that he had a restricted licence because of poor eyesight.&gt;&gt;

You mean his license says that he has to wear glasses...........

Hardly a hanging offence

Scud Runner
18th Feb 2002, 02:42
Maybe everyone's license should specify that we wear a "full metal jacket" under our uniform, to protect us from so-called colleagues who would stab us in the back. What an arse!

Scud <img src="mad.gif" border="0">

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18th Feb 2002, 02:44
Dave was a very experienced captain and Dan was a very competent co pilot. Any lear pilot will tell you, you get slow, you die! Due to an unnfortunate combination of circumstances, thats what happened. They did their best as would you or i. Let them RIP.

P.S . I seriously doubt any of their "colleages", myself included, would question their qualifications or ability to do their job.

P.P.S. If i find out who made that particular comment, rest assured that they will be taken outside for a severe talking to.

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Fool's Hole
18th Feb 2002, 13:12
This may just be a lie, no "Friend" at all, just jurnospiel.

18th Feb 2002, 14:26
Anybody seen the interim report? I can't find it anywhere.

flying headbutt
18th Feb 2002, 16:31
I was a colleague and friend of both pilots and what the News of the World is saying is complete bollocks. Nuff said! Close this thread please.

Moritz Suter
18th Feb 2002, 23:31
Fantom, you're beginning to annoy me.

19th Feb 2002, 00:46

supercilious. there is a time and a place for jokes.

19th Feb 2002, 03:19
I debated hard as to whether or not to post this. There's an argument for both particularly that posting it gives it more further extended coverage than not posting.

I had the pleasure of working with Dave throughout 1997 and felt that to let it pass without comment was a bad way for those of us who thought more highly of him, and his F/O, than his "colleague" to behave.

I suppose I'm just as bad for buying the trash to begin with... Was I as p*ssed off when I was reading about Prince Harry etc? No, probably not, and they've been just as effected.

I can't find a copy of the report on the French DGCA/BEA website (using my limited French) therefore I assume it has so far only been issued to those with an interest in it - unless anyone can find it using better than O-Level French...?

Latte tester
19th Feb 2002, 13:14
For those 'colleagues' who wish to have 'air time' or 'face time' on TV, just remember this;. ."be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear".. .If you remember this you won't be pissing the rest of us off with your stupid comments.

Latte time in memory of two good guys.