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19th May 2008, 17:52
Hello, first post so please go easy :) I have two unrelated questions that I hope someone in the know can shed some light on:

1) On a recent trip to Nice (NCE), I was doing a bit of plane spotting with binoculars from our apt. window following an AlItalia plane (I believe it was an MD-80) It really took me by surprise when the pilot did not retract the landing gear and the flight continued on for at least two minutes before this happened. Assuming there was no problem in retracting the wheels, could anyone offer a likely explanation for this? Would it be possible to oversee this in the cockpit? (pretty unlikely I would say)

2) On another occasion flying back to Dublin, our captain announced we would be entering a fairly active jetstream somewhere north of Paris so things would be turbulent for a period of time (changes in the flight level would not improve things either). We were sitting down the back of the aircraft and I couldn't help but notice the intermittent roaring of wind outside. The guy sitting next to me kept looking up from his book, so I wasn't imagining things. I normally sit somewhere mid-aircraft - is this 'wind' noise normal down the back? (it was an A330 if that makes a difference)
Thanks for your replies...

19th May 2008, 17:58
Can certainly answer your first question. If brake temperatures are high, it's quite normal to leave the gear down for a few moments after take-off, as the airflow will help cool them down quicker. This is probably what you saw.

19th May 2008, 19:22
Hi FSXFan, welcome aboard!

I am not a pilot but will hazard a guess at the roaring noise. IF, and only IF the aircraft WAS an MD-80, then remember that the engines are right at the back and set one either side, just outside where the toilets are.

When transiting a variable wind system, it may be necessary for the flight crew (or automatic systems) to vary the power setting of the engines in order to maintain a stable flight level. If a small climb in height was needed, then the engine power would also increase and certainly give a roaring sound. Consider how the 'roaring' was during take off and this period of flight.

As I say, this is a guess and best wait for flight crew to confirm or tell me to get back where I belong!

19th May 2008, 19:40
Thanks for the welcomes :) Is it normal for brake temps to be high during take-off (I can understand after landing!)?
Paxboy it was an Airbus A330, it must have been the engines (there was no reaction from cabin crew) as the noise came and went while we remained in the jetstream. I've had about 40 flights in the last two years but I've never noticed this type of noise before.

19th May 2008, 20:12
yes quite common. Think heavy braking on landing, braking while taxying, quick turnaround, braking while taxying out all while in a hot climate and the brakes will still be very hot.