View Full Version : Seek suggestions:5 hours of transit JFK mum+ 3 kids age3-7-10

13th May 2008, 22:08
Hello! I am travelling alone with my boys TPA-JFK-MXP but unfortunately we have a 5 full hours of transit on JFK. I already know that Delta Terminal doesn't offer that much for them (age 3,7,10) but so far I haven't found any area for children in any terminal.
Any suggestion? I'll appreciate anything...many thanks :)

14th May 2008, 06:16
Welcome to PPRuNe!

How about asking them to try and spot a Pilot or a Flight attendant walking past in the terminal?

Also, it may be a good idea to tell them that if they are good they can each have one item from duty-free and that if they are good on the flight they could visit the flight-deck after the flight (this is usually allowed)

Your children may be intrigued by looking at the aircraft out of the terminal window (if you try this, its best to find one where there is good views of aircraft taxiing, landing/taking off or where you can easily see all the different preperations taking place near aircraft (i.e loading, refuelling, etc....)

15th May 2008, 21:26
I am not a parent, so read accordingly! Firstly, this is certainly a tough one. Depending upon the resources you have (financial and physical) and the children's personalities ...

The idea to see something of what is going on sounds a positive starting point. Perhaps a mini tour of the terminal you are in? This will depend on how much hand luggage you have and whether the children are likely to want to explore.

Most terminals have lots to look at (possibly TOO much!) and I have never been into the Delta Terminal at JFK. You can get an inter-terminal bus that runs a 'loop' around all the terminals and that gives you a tour and yet brings you back to where you started. You might find some details here:

Secondly, consider using a paid-for lounge when they get tired. These can be expensive but have proper seating and facilities. However, your children would need to know that they have to be quiet and it is not a play pen. But, if they have been running around the terminal and maybe taken a bus ride, they might be ready for a snooze.

I do know that, most times you plan something for children, they manage to make it something else!!

15th May 2008, 21:43
Best money you will ever spend compared to waiting in a terminal with bored kids!!

15th May 2008, 21:52
More ideas from a non parent - I'd agree that getting out of the airport sounds like good thing, S of L might be difficult due to the times of the ferries needed to get to the island. A quick lok at a map of the area shows you are only a couple of miles from Atlantic Beach... but damp and sandy children might not be the best company for the second leg :)

The Bronx Zoo may just be in range


16th May 2008, 17:05
I have to say that, five hours to get to Statue of Liberty - that is train to the tip of Manhattan, then a ferry, then the visit, then return journey? That will not fit and the possibilities for not getting back are far too many.

If you can find diversions within the airport, then you can complete your journey.

16th May 2008, 22:58
We've travelled several times between Australia and Montreal (over 24hrs all up) with 2 boys from the time one they were 6 months old. My advice is be flexible. Either way one of you will be tired and the other(s) wound up. Your life will be made easier if you recognize it'll be tough but make the best of it . Let them run off copped up energy away from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. Outside the terminal or in un-crowded airport areas. Kids are kids. Life is too short

17th May 2008, 10:25
Thanks to all your advices and also to the welcome.:)
Actually I was thinking about something within the airport, because I don't want to risk to lose the connection.
I have been a C/A for some years when younger and I remember how kids can be...:ugh:
I tried since the very beginning to teach mine how to behave properly, ESPECIALLY ON BOARD. Respect, first of all, and they know that.
So they are pretty good usually, and I've been taking them around many times, even if not so far as a 24 hours flight! But... usually a little transit is well manageable, and we've had many before.
I always try to have short transits, up to 3 hours.
Unfortunately this time Delta has changed our schedule, so I have to face this long transit.
I was looking for a play area like those we met at Atlanta airport, those were crowded but so useful, they could so some physical activity and then get on board ready for a quiet flight.
It seemed strange to me that a HUGE apt like JFK doesn't offer anything like that. I was searching through all the website (JFK) and there's nothing. NOTHING AT ALL. Isn't it strange? there are so many children travelling nowaday!
Anyway, I will contact delta and ask for their paid-for lounge. But... any idea is more than welcome. the tour is good too, I will look for it. again, thank to all of you. I am really appreciating your support and this forum is just... great.

5th Sep 2008, 22:35
Hello to everyone..
I just would like to tell you the end of the story, in case someone else is going to have a similar experience.
I took something from all the advices you gave me, and it worked well.
First of all, TPA airport has a brand new playground area for kids just before boarding, and that was a great start.
JFK doesn't offer anything like that, but getting around the airport with the train was nice too. Then we went to visit some monuments dedicated to 09-11-01 that are around the airport, and that gave us the opportunity to stop and think, for a while. Finally we stop at terminal 3, very big, colorful and unusual, where we had a nice lunch in a restaurant close to a huge toys store.
so time really flyed faster that we thought, and soon we were on board.
inbound flight was really good, they were tired and slept almost all the time:ok:
SO DID I!:):):)
no need to say next year I won't be so worried about it. ( Some mums I met during the day in jfk told me that just 3 portable like nintendo or similar and some new games would have worked well to.....)
thanks anyway, and see you soon...