View Full Version : Gatwick pax in runaway runway bus terror!

12th May 2008, 20:18
Yesterday i had arrived at Gatwick on the afternoon easyJet from Glasgow. We were met by two buses to ferry us to the terminal. i was standing in the middle of the bus, surrounded by pax, watching with interest as a member of the flight deck did a walkround the A319. We had been waiting about 4 minutes when the bus started to move off, away from the a/c. I was quite glad to be on the move as the bus was very hot. Suddenly there was a commotion from the front, with people banging on the windows and shouting. I looked to see what was the reason for the furore and discovered the bus was missing a vital component.....the driver!!:eek: I then saw what appeared to be the driver legging it back to the moving vehicle. He managed to catch up, jumped in the cab, and continued on to the terminal! Had he not been so lucky I am not sure how we would have stopped the vehicle as perspex separated pax from cab. And then if we had tangled with a taxying 757....but thats ifs & buts. It really is SO much safer flying than driving!!

13th May 2008, 10:40
I always say to nervous pax that you are more likely to get killed travelling too/from the airport, perhaps I should update that to too/from the AIRCRAFT!

The bus service at LGW is provided by a company called AIRLINKS which is a partnership between National Express and BAA. Never before have I heard of such a thing happening at LGW and I sincerely hope for the bus drivers sake that it was a mechanical failure of the bus and not a brain failure of the drivers in failing to set the handbrake. :ooh:

18th May 2008, 13:29
Oh my god....I cant believe that story!!! That is totally shocking. Just goes to show that the plane is the safest part of a persons journey!!!