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10th May 2008, 15:17
Looking at their flights for next year on their website , their seems to be a distinct lack of flights available for APRIL 09 on their website , are they cutting back ? We're looking for April but they only seem to operate a couple at weekend ex Manchester. I'm sure they used to operate almost daily , anybody know if this is a planned downturn ??:bored:

I'm only interested in flights ex Manchester

10th May 2008, 17:22
I always use TCD/XL for my flights to Florida and as April is still considered to be the winter season , there are only usually a couple of flights a week ex MAN .
May is the start of the summer programme when there are usually 3/4 flights per week to Sanford.

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10th May 2008, 20:12

Thanks for the response , easter is mid april next year I thought their would have been more flights ex Manchester , they seem to be twice weekly on the website , always seemed to think they were more like daily in the past.

Good number of flights ex Gatwick and at around 30% cheaper as usual !!!!!

Never been the same since the Air Atlanta 747's went - good birds !. I'd have thought operating 767 and A330's you would need to run more flights to get the same or similar return on seat sales as the old widebodies.:{

11th May 2008, 06:33
I think if the demand is high for the Easter period , they may put another Sanford service on from Man but now TCD is part of XL Leisure group, thing have changed a lot.

I loved the old Jumbo from Man , hence the name , and it was a shame to see them go but they were high maintainance and costly to run. If any other carrier were to offer a 747 service to SFB , I would book like a shot.

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