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7th May 2008, 23:02
Dear Chaps,
I lost my wallet containing all my documents and credit cards on flight AA904 from Rio de Janeiro to Miami May 5, last Monday. I realized that my wallet wasn’t with me while in flight and I did a search without result. The flight landed MIA May 6 and the airport personnel said they will search and return my wallet to the lost and found department.
The aircraft was a B-767 registration # 348 and departed MIA to Port of Spain the day after.
AA costumer service is unable to do anything other than tell me to wait, but I was thinking a way of tracking the airplane and have the engineers to do a more thorough search around the area I was seated.
I am a Pilot of a major airline in Asia and I know they could do this with no harm.
Any advices or previous experience are much appreciated.
Tnks :{

8th May 2008, 07:58
Are you sure you still had the wallet when you boarded the flight in Rio? The airport is crowded with pocket pickers with police always conveneniently looking into the other direction.

Concerning Miami I am sure that all ground staff is now looking for your wallet definitely not having any intention to hand it back.

With regard to AA do not expect any help, for them SLF's are just a nuisance messing up an otherwise perfect airline. Any requests for help are not covered in their SOP's, so no actions are required by the union staff.

Sorry ZKG, this is not what we are used to in most parts of Asia. I fear you have to go through the painstaking process of getting everyting in you wallet reissued.


11th May 2008, 16:41
:DI think I can consider it a miracle, but I received a phone call from my bank account manager and she was contacted by a lady saying that she found my wallet in a dumpster close to Rio airport. Probably it was taken from me or I just dropped in the airport and some airport employee found it, took out all the money and threw my wallet in a trash bin.
All the documents were inside (money was gone)) including credit cards FedEx is bringing it back to me in Asia.
Miracles exist and there are good people out there.
Thanks for the supporting words.

Notso Fantastic
11th May 2008, 18:08
It's likely you are being 'had'. She 'found it in a dumpster'? What was she doing in a dumpster? A dodge when you have had your wallet lifted is to contact you very pleasantly reassuring you that it has been found and will be returned. The aim being that you will delay having your credit cards cancelled. Watch out!

11th May 2008, 20:26
I hope you did not confirm any passwords or addresses or personal data
when your "BANK" called thats the biggest scam going.

Call you bank cancel the card they will send you new ones
tell them where you are and have been since it went missing
so they can spot any strange transactions.

Hope it all works out for you mate.

12th May 2008, 11:56
so what's happened, I'm on tenterhooks. Was it really your bank that called or did she get all your security details under pretence of taking you through security? Are there 1000's of dollars been withdrawn all over Rio as I type?

Better than Clive Cussler this. Sorry for your loss of course, it will be really annoying replacing it all.

Give us an update...