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25th Aug 2001, 18:40
With reference to the thread on the "Saudia B747 nose gear collapse at KL,the Govnor said that other a/c in the background is also a write off because of a chemical spill.

What sort of Chemical?
Where was the Chemical spill?
What part of a/c affected?

Gov or any one with more info?


The Guvnor
25th Aug 2001, 18:54
I seem to recollect it was a mercury spill in the cargo hold, similar to the Southern Air B747-200F a few years back. Whilst it was declared a constructive total loss by the insurers, the 747 was bought, repaired and is now flying for MK Airlines.

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Home Brew
26th Aug 2001, 02:51
Gutache. I recall a rumour about that incident within the last 2 years. The scarebus was on a flight from China to KL, when the crew noticed an offensive odour during descent. The skipper evacuated on the ground and the a/c was towed away. 3 coolies entered the hold to check it out and consequently collapsed – taken to hospital, with what results I don’t know. Then guys in full protective gear entered, and then quietly requested help from the Yanks, FAA & CIA.

Rumour I heard suggested that a package, from a chemical factory (dodgy paperwork etc. about its contents) enroute to India, sprung a leak during descent. This was just prior to Billy boy’s visit there!! The rumour was, that the types of chemicals involved have a sinister application.

I don’t know if this made it to the pages of Pprune, as I found nothing after a quick search, so some of the details could be incorrect.

26th Aug 2001, 11:45
A330 if I remember correctly. The was an article about it in Air Cargo World (or was it Air Cargo News...?) earlier on this summer.
Some kind of powdered dangerous goods improperly packed which subsequently spilled in the belly. Loaded in Beijing if my memory serves me. $80m worth of damage, shipper hauled up by the chinese govt.

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26th Aug 2001, 18:00

The chemical was HYDROXIL QUINOLINE. It was improperly packed and wrongfully declared by the agent in China. Shipment was for India. Spillage was in the fwd cargo area, which damaged the area and contents badly. Also affected were the engines cos when the cargo doors were open, the engines were windmilling and sucked in the fumes. The fumes damaged the engines and ductings including those of the aircond system. Damaged too expensive to repair and damage due corrosion difficult to ascertain. Best thing to do, write it off and make insurance claim.

Above is common knowledge. MAS is suing the shipper I believe.


27th Aug 2001, 14:23
Thanks for the replies.
Hope that the people who were responsible,have or will have action taken against them.

Life in aviation is hard enough now,without this sort of thing happening.


The Guvnor
27th Aug 2001, 16:10
Sounds nasty stuff: Hydroxyl Quinoline (http://www.jtbaker.com/msds/q5500.htm)

28th Aug 2001, 19:34
The aircraft is a write-off and MAS was compensated for about US$90 million early this year.

29th Aug 2001, 07:53
there is too much 'dirty stuff' being transported on flights, wrongly declared or packed (willingly to get around paying full freight charges or out of pure ignorance).

i do not want to know what other kind of DGR are being loaded onto aircrafts (does not make a difference whether pax aircraft or CAO), but IMHO we are waiting for more nasty accidents to happen.

i know the chap who was running the dangerous goods enforement division of the german LBA (equivalent of the FAA) and stories that you hear from him (not making the news) are scary.