View Full Version : Flying in Africa

20th Apr 2008, 04:21
Hi, I was after some information/advice on flying in Africa. At the moment I have close to 1500TT with 250 Multi, most of which is in a C404 all in Australia.

What's the jobscene like and what's the best way to find out about employment positions around, what's the pay/lifestyle conditions like?

Do I need to convert my licence or can I use my Aussie CPL? Thanks for any input.

20th Apr 2008, 07:48

There's quite a lot going on about all of this on other threads in the Africa Forum.
Suggest you look at the SA/CAA website for conversion/validation information.
Many SA pilots, especially those in SAA, are looking for ways to move their rostering base to OZ. Perhaps that says something about the longer term preceived lifestyle across here.
Luck to you.:)

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