View Full Version : MD 11 vmca and vmcg

9th Apr 2008, 03:46
Would anyone know the MD 11 vmca and vmcg? Kind of an obscure question but any help would be appreciated.


9th Apr 2008, 07:44
Both speeds depend on Pressure Altitude and OAT, and are given for the 'One Wing Engine Inoperative'-case, VMCA additionally depends on the flap setting.

For ISA conditions (MSL, 15C), the speeds are:

VMCG: 139kt
VMCA (flaps 15/slats ext.): 128kt

Both, VMCG and VMCA decrease with higher PA and/or OAT, VMCA increases with lower flap settings and decreases with higher settings.


9th Apr 2008, 09:56
Thank you!

11th Apr 2008, 10:24
For MD-11 (CF6 engines) the VMCG also changes with engine bleed setting used for takeoff (less VMCG for bleed on). That can be used to get a little more takeoff weight when you are VMCG limited (e.g. Contaminated Runway)