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8th Jan 2001, 18:41
Any ideas, or insider info from LHR, as to what the new branding will be. It surely can't be long until they reveal it ?
I must admit i'm a little worried about what those slimey little Marketing people will come up with ?!?!?!?!?

http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif :rolleyes: http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif

Pete Otube
8th Jan 2001, 18:44
The marketing people are a bit worried about some of the suggestions of the slimy little pilots...

8th Jan 2001, 20:49
"British Blue"

8th Jan 2001, 21:13
"British Diamond Airlines" 02-04-01.

Hew Jampton
8th Jan 2001, 22:19
"British Blue" sounds like a type of cheese or the title of a hotel porn channel - neither would be entirely inappropriate for BM.

8th Jan 2001, 23:59
for more info

Captain Spunkfarter
9th Jan 2001, 00:06
The current BM operation at LHR is confusing enough, with many of their aircraft in Star Alliance colours. Why not put ALL aircraft in BM colours or ALL aircraft in Star colours to make it a bit simpler to identify?

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Busta Level
9th Jan 2001, 00:58
British Midland International (or BMI) eh? Any risk of confusion with the dreaded body mass index that haunts us all at medical renewal time?!

Maybe spunkfarter will get the two mixed up. The poor lad seems easily confused....

9th Jan 2001, 01:02
'British Midland International' are they sure!!
So they will spend god knows how many millions on rebranding and advertising just to add the words 'International' and yet still not caring about their staff. Heard today that East Mids base is to close with the loss of a few jobs because they are not willing to relocate, they have been with the company from day 1. Also all ground operations eg. Ramp, Customer Service, Dispatch etc to be sold off at LHR to perhaps, Gatwick Handling, who I believe are Plane Handling at LHR. Is this how to make an airline successfull?


Captain Spunkfarter
9th Jan 2001, 01:18
The Body Mass Index is not nearly as daunting as the thought of British Midland flying across the pond. Before any BM flight my Body Mass Index reduces considerably whilst on the lavatory. Yours, however, reduces while you speak...

9th Jan 2001, 15:46
Spunkfarter (what a sensitive chap you must be with a name like that)

<<Why not put ALL aircraft in BM colours or ALL aircraft in Star colours to make it a bit simpler to identify?>>

All the Star airlines have some aircraft in Star colours - it's called "branding".

<<Before any BM flight my Body Mass Index reduces considerably whilst on the lavatory>>

There's a simple solution to that - don't fly with us!

To quote Anne Robinson: Goodbye!

Captain Spunkfarter
9th Jan 2001, 20:01

It's funny, but BA don't seem to feel the need to cover their aircraft in a 'washing line' colour scheme for the sake of 'oneworld' branding.

You are the missing link.....Goodbye

Fly on the Wall
9th Jan 2001, 20:14
I heard that it was to be called BLUE BIRD. I cannot remember where I heard it or from whom, but I didnt believe it then and I still dont. ;)

squawk 6789
9th Jan 2001, 20:40
spunky, old bean, please do not go down the road of liveries of the world's most misleading advert- have you forgotten those tails already? the words glass houses & stones are springing to mind......

9th Jan 2001, 21:15
There's a fast-growing start-up based out of JFK using brand-new A320s called "Jet Blue."

With all of these "blue" names and references, it is going to get a bit confusing for customers - and the considerable sum spent on branding could be wasted (at least in the States if Jet Blue continues to expand). The point of branding is to create an association and to improve customer "recall" during the purchase process.

Perhaps "British Jet Blue International Airways" could work...


9th Jan 2001, 21:37
fly on the wall
bluebird was a datsun

9th Jan 2001, 23:01
Yes and of course Datsun Bluebirds were the car of choice for minicab drivers for a long time. Still are I imagine, but who cares what it is that gets you back from the boozer? even if the fare could buy you a fleet of them....

Still calling it Bluebird could give them an edge if they decide to fly to the subcontinent. Just a thought.

9th Jan 2001, 23:44
"Bluebird" was the rebranding projects name, not the name of the airline.........

10th Jan 2001, 00:51
Lufthansa wish the new name to continue to contain the word 'British'. Apparently it evokes a feeling of reliability and honour amongst it's international passengers.

Now don't all laugh at once :)

10 West
[email protected]

10th Jan 2001, 01:37
Sorry to be the one having to inform you, but not all STAR carriers have planes in the STAR livery, SQ and NZ donīt. SQ does not even carry the small STAR logo behind the cockpit on all ac.

As for BD:
how about: British Dammit!

10th Jan 2001, 02:30
I'm sorry but as a potential customer I just do not get this rebranding lark. British Midland (Airways) does exactly what it says on the aircraft. We brits recognise it and trust it. It will have to establish a brand on the other side of the pond but is that really going to be easier with a weird made up name that (allegedly) invokes "positive thoughts". This is all a big con by marketing consultants whose greatest achievment is to sell themselves.
Are we all going to buy more stamps Post Office has renamed itself "Consignia" (according to the London Standard tonight)

10th Jan 2001, 02:57
Nor does Ansett Australia have any planes in the fleet carrying the Star Alliance livery.

Next Generation PSR
10th Jan 2001, 15:16
Have also heard "British Star" being talked of as the new name for BM

11th Jan 2001, 02:35

Apparently the reason the name has GOT to change before crossing the Atlantic is that BM is the standard US abbreviation for 'Bowel Movement' .....but then again that might be appropriate!

12th Jan 2001, 20:35
More info today - try

12th Jan 2001, 21:39
From the article above:

'Currently the airline only runs short-haul flights within Europe, operating out of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Teesside, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and London Heathrow.'


13th Jan 2001, 01:04

I was told by a friend who works as cabin crew based at EMA that they are to close as a base.

It seems very strange as this was where the airline was formed.

However these rumours are still unconfirmed.


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13th Jan 2001, 04:02
Now that BMA & GHI have jumped into bed together, an abbreviation that springs to mind is GBH.Any suggestions what it means.

PS Anybody fancy jumping into bed with me.

13th Jan 2001, 04:05
I think that the EMA operation will be taken over fully by BMC, as is BHX already.

13th Jan 2001, 16:13
Hang on a minute, most people think British Midland are some small regional carrier based in Birmingham (or East Midlands!). Ask Joe Bloggs in the street who the 2nd biggest airline in the UK is and he'll say Virgin!

BM is a LONDON based airline, therefore it shouldn't be called Midland - esp. as now closing EMA! The 2 main bases will be LHR and MAN,

so how about
British NorthWest/SouthEast - very appropriate, and they can get sued by 2 US airlines at once that way.

BM commuter is an approriate sized, regional airline which should be called something like Midland, but not the UK's 2nd biggest airline. All the US associate Midland with hick towns and stupid people, and would think they were landing in Birmingham (is that in Scotland? etc.) And 'taking a BM'has a hole new meaning in the US!

I guess selling off the sim centre and ground handling is just being done to finance the large investment in A330's, re-branding etc.

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Capt Homesick
14th Jan 2001, 01:22
My money is on British WorldWide- if they really have reserved a string of registrations G-BWW*. Seems a bit of an exageration with only two intercontinental routes, but no more than TWA was! :rolleyes:

14th Jan 2001, 15:12
Why not use the name England in there somewhere?

English Airlines?
Air England?
Royal England?

Use the flag of St.George in the livery, but then again it would probaly offend the PC Brigade as being racist.

The Arena-Bar King!
14th Jan 2001, 20:36
Try British Worldwide!!! Kinda fits in with the G-BWW_ regs too?!? 1st AC in new all white livery in hanger at EMA. Dont look too bad either!

14th Jan 2001, 21:51
152 - EMA news has not been rumour for quite a while - they are not closing the base but just losing the FKRs over a period of a few years.

The 330 regs are not G-BWW*, they're G-WW**,

I think you might find an aircraft in new 'all-white' livery might be awaiting some star alliance stickers...

Mgmt info - NOT a name change, just re-branding/logo etc. Lufty wouldn't let them get rid of the 'British', shurely?

Best rumour I heard - Sir Michael has changed his Car registration to WW***...

If this annoucement is handled (sic) anything like the sell-off of the ramp business then we'll probably find out from Skyport towards the end of January...

...proceeding below Decision Height WITH CAUTION...

Echo Oscar
15th Jan 2001, 02:13
Ow about Derby Airways. Sounds jolly splendid..

15th Jan 2001, 19:51
Latest in house rumour at EMA? ,

British Atlantic Airways - call sign, "Bluebird"

15th Jan 2001, 22:26
152 Affirmbreast,

British Midland IS closing the EMA base. BM liveried aircraft will continue to operate from there, but they will be operated by British Midland Commuter, a wholly owned (and cheaper) subsidiary.To the BM pilots based there it means the same as base closure http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

The Guvnor
15th Jan 2001, 22:44
Hmmm, I worked for British Atlantic - left when some hairy bloke from the pop industry got involved.

Does this mean I can have my old job back - I promise I won't make the biggest c*ck up of my career again!! :) :) :)

Will Sir Michael also be planning all-Business class services to JFK with his shiny new A330s?

We could have been a contender... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

16th Jan 2001, 01:46
Oh deep joy. Midland change their callsign to Bluebird. Sounds like Speedbird to me and with both companies using alpha-numeric callsigns it is really going to be easy for me, especially as I am trying to come to terms with the renaming of all my sectors with numbers!!!
When will PR consultants listen to the people who have to work the system.
Rant over.

16th Jan 2001, 12:30
Arkroyal - you are correct. I had considered BMCs operation as falling under BMs wing (sic).

Although I can't see 'em moving out of Toad Hall in a hurry...

...proceeding below Decision Height WITH CAUTION...

16th Jan 2001, 14:54
I knew a girl once referred as girl GBH, Ginger Bitch from Hell!
Maybe not a good brand name.

16th Jan 2001, 21:30
Bluebird is allready in use in the US by one of United's subsidiaries.

How 'bout bluebell?

16th Jan 2001, 22:11
Let us say BM do keep the 'British' in it for a moment. How about...

British Airline Transatlantic International..

... or the the BATI boys to be precise.. Aight!!

Bottoms Up!
16th Jan 2001, 23:49
What's all this talk of 'Atlantic' in a new name. I recall reading a
recent article that BM are also looking at using the A330s on schedules in
the other direction as well.

Perhaps one side of the aircraft will have British Asian Airways on the
roof. BAA? Rings a bell, can't place it though :)

Hugh Jorgen
17th Jan 2001, 00:02
British United

Hugh Jorgen
17th Jan 2001, 00:09
Sorry about the short replys, but as a professional airline pilot I do not have the necessary literary skills to express myself eloquently as say a lawyer or journalist.

17th Jan 2001, 14:48
Hugh Jorgen

<<Sorry about the short replys, but as a professional airline pilot I do not have the necessary literary skills to express myself eloquently as say a lawyer or journalist.>>

?replys? - nor the spelling ability, apparently!! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif

236 Series
18th Jan 2001, 01:54
The hot money is on "British Diamond". I do believe Avman reckons it will be this aswell. I suppose it beats "British Brummie" The latter would be a right laugh :-)

18th Jan 2001, 02:34
How long will it be I wonder until we get back to brands such as BIM and BOAC...???!!!

Ivan Taclue
18th Jan 2001, 03:55
Actually chaps, it is going to be UK STAR.
Lufthansa will be pleased after all.

18th Jan 2001, 04:01
Went to the "Park" today, there is a new sign under a taupalin in the car park with the new ensignia "BMI".

The A330 mock-up is in white but won't be "decorated" until the above is confirmed.

"Ooops oops pull the other one!"

bravo 2
22nd Jan 2001, 07:05
as most of us are know aware the new name is British Midland International, or BMI for short. Shall we say one of our deicing rigs took a close look at the "covered" sign on the bd hanger at LHR. The reason that Midland have planes in Star alliance livery is due to a nice liitle advertising deal worth Ģ120million to have 12 of our planes on said livery. Although its a rather toned down version of Air Canada's star livery...that would have been nice.

23rd Jan 2001, 23:02
Nice to know we still have great business sense... all this fuss and money (HOW much have we spent on it?? - though pretty tail art not included in this package!) over sticking "International" at the end and a new paint job!

Me mate Dave cudda dun it for 50 squid innit!

The Real Slim Shady
25th Jan 2001, 13:45
Brakesnake, Aii, respect, man.

Why is you out the ghetto spreadin words ?
You is needed for valuable work among down an outs, man.
Me mate Dave as been searchin' for you man, an also me ex mates Jo an Ben, net respect zero, innit.
Ah is aksing you to get them shades back to where de is needed man, respect. We needs them to paint the tail arts, Aii. Oh an bring the five squids you owes me, Aiii.

25th Jan 2001, 21:05
Does anyone know where to find out more info about the BM branding, is there a internet site. I looked at the websites of BMI.com /.co.uk and bminternational.com/.co.uk and britishmidlandinternational.com/.co.uk and they are all registerred by other companys or organisatons.

26th Jan 2001, 14:03
Try britishmidland.com

Hugh Jorgen
26th Jan 2001, 15:05

26th Jan 2001, 15:55

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26th Jan 2001, 21:21
t n bikkies

I hear that an enterprising bm pilot has registered all those bmi domane names with an eye to an early christmas bonus for selling them to the company! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

Hugh Jorgen
27th Jan 2001, 02:34
What? BMI country music in the US, and Britannia Removals in UK!
Some talented businessmen/women in BM(I)

The Groover
27th Jan 2001, 03:52
Go to

If you want a laugh !!!!!


Hugh Jorgen
28th Jan 2001, 02:52
It's COOL, when you can run an airline and pay lot's of mortgages, you may comment. I remember when BM went head to head with BA on domestic route's, I scoffed along with others's.

I eat my word's.

Long Live BMI - till the next change!!!

28th Jan 2001, 03:15
Why do we all want to laugh at the new BMI livery? Surely it not that much of a suprise that it would not be everyones taste, and remember that their ideas on good taste is strange. Have we forgotten that hidious cabin crew uniform that appeared in 1988 and went on and on and on and on and on for years. Yes it was that big bright red white and grey diamond job... and how many of you guys wore it. Like us poor s**s.

high & fast
28th Jan 2001, 19:37
I am sorry to say that this is an eye sore. Nice to have the red, white and blue as dominant colours though. Good use of curves as in most new rebranding projects. The red looks a bit dodgy. The Union flag is recognisable only if you look closely. You will probably only notice it if you are familiar with the British flag. That means its ability to generate a British identity is flawed. Worst of all is the name. I thought this was supposed to be something that dropped the 'midland' part. That was the supposed reason behind the rebranding. It looks like the airline will look like Bishops 'multicoloured dreamcoat' for a long time. God help us.

Bono Vox
16th Jul 2001, 20:19
Hving taken some months to evaluate the said livery, I like it. Smart, fresh, different.

Any word on a new callsign or will "midland" be kept?

Ramp van
16th Jul 2001, 20:58
Has the new image been dropped in favor of the all blue tail with BMI on it or have Midland run out of paint already! On my reckoning the engineers/painters have managed to paint one a/c in 7 months (ZH)with all the other re-branded a/c coming straight from the Toulose factory. :confused:

Electric Sky
16th Jul 2001, 21:46
I was far from impressed at first but I quite like it as well now, especially on the A330. It certainly looks better than the dull grey and blue. However, these "interim" liveries look shabby.

I believe that the paint is on order for several aircraft during the quieter winter months.

ES ;)