View Full Version : "Airlines dump stay-over demands" (USA)

23rd Aug 2001, 23:16
The Sunday Times (UK) had this piece on 12th August 2001 which I just noticed before chucking the paper out. (edited)

"For more than 20 years, the Saturday night stay-over has been the bane of corporate travel, with airlines forcing businessmen to choose between being home for the weekend or getting a cheap fare.

But in America this is all about to change. It's biggest airlines, mired in a deep financial slump, are dumping the stay-over requirement on some of their most competitive routes.

AA said this weekend that it was matching UA in cutting fares and dropping mandatory Saturday fares on selected routes into and out of ORD. DL, NW and CO quickly did the same.

BA and VS said they have no plans to follow suit. Hotel companies will take the biggest hit."

So many pax will now not have an excuse to stay in the fleshpots one more night and have to get home to their families!! :D