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Krystal n chips
31st Mar 2008, 06:08
Alas, yet another "seemed like a good idea at the time" I feel.......


Given the "high regard" for which the species is held here on this site, one awaits the alternative suggestions for reform..........;):E

How about....."make the :mad: accountable for their actions " for a start....nah, far too radical that one.

31st Mar 2008, 10:02
Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. :( I have seen this sort of garbage SO many times. People come up with all these stupid money-saving ideas like using fewer pencils, recycling paper staples, laundering the toilet paper and so on while the real money-saving opportunities are deliberately ignored. Once this sort of cost-cutting exercise gets its foot in the door, everything goes to sh!t, service disappears and the REAL useless expenses (the heads of department with the fat salaries and elaborately built paper castles), continue on their merry way.

It would take a very brave lower-level employee to front up to the department head and say, "Actually, we don't need you. You're costing too much money and you produce **** all in return."

31st Mar 2008, 11:05
Extract from the said article:

The Cabinet Office has hand-picked 6,000 civil servants to "give their bosses a hard time" if they do not push reform. They are to meet tomorrow for the first time in a mass bonding and indoctrination session.The cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell, described them as a pioneer corps that would carry the flag of innovation and change within Whitehall.
The "change agents" were selected because they "don't just want to do the same job every day", O'Donnell said. They are attending a three-day briefing from which "they will go away enthused and inspired and become ambassadors for innovation among the half a million other civil servants".

Just why oh why do we have to have change? Why change? Why not just get on with the bloody job and complete it right, first time, on target, and on cost. You don't take salts when you've got the sh!ts do you, so why tinker. Methinks this is just another job creation scheme for so many "ambassadors", helped of course by just a small number of consultants.

OMG, we could be having a a new leaner system here, we might even get down to creating specialist 'cells' to sort out specific tasks, like actioning 760s for example! Next thing somebody will invent Rapid Improvement Events!

Same old, same old.


Takan Inchovit
31st Mar 2008, 11:10
Ho Hum, you must have a socialist type government over there. :hmm:

31st Mar 2008, 12:24
So that is CRM out the window then, the lower surfs rebelling against the higher surfs.

(It is all just a silly excuse to do nothing whilst they all argue).

31st Mar 2008, 13:28
The Cabinet Office has hand-picked 6,000 civil servants to "give their bosses a hard time" if they do not push reform I thought that was why we had MPs... :confused: Oooops, I forgot, noone bothers to listen to the general public anymore once they've been voted-in for the next 5 years?! They're too busy wondering how to put their college kids on the payroll or whether or not to go for the all stainless-steel finished kitchen cabinets as opposed to the rosewood, courtesy of the taxpayer... :suspect:

The "change agents" were selected because they "don't just want to do the same job every day"... The poor things?! I know, let's just send them all out on all expenses paid 3-day refresher courses say, once every fortnight... :ugh:

simon brown
31st Mar 2008, 14:11
Its probably easier to employ the resources of people within the job to seek improvements. Its better and more cost effective than to employ external "consultants" at vast expense to the taxpayer, who have to familiarise themselves with the structure, working practices etc etc.

Those who have the knowledge of the working practices involved and a healthy disregard for the archaic empire building practices of the sh1ts at the top are best placed to do something about it.

I bet there are a lot of teak office clad mandarins quaking in their church's brogues at the thought of having their little empires trimmed and possibly their jobs....VFM for the taxpayer is paramount as we are all paying far too much to support these ineffective self serving parasites...good riddance to all of the non productive spongers