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30th Mar 2008, 16:57
Nobody got seriously hurt so thought that this belonged in Jetblast…
If they hit the cable they obviously weren’t high enough to join the MHC…

A government enquiry has found that a plane crashed into a river on the outskirts of Pune, India on March 14th not because of any technical fault but because the trainee pilots were romancing high in the sky. According to a report by the director general of civil aviation that inquired into the crash landing of the trainer aircraft, the two trainee pilots, and man and a woman in their 20’s were romancing in the air and lost control of the aircraft. The aircraft was severely damaged but both students manage to escape with only superficial injuries. The report blamed the crash on what it called “non standard behavior inside the cockpit where utmost sanctity was necessary”
Confirming the report, the source in the DGCA said, “the two trainee pilots were romancing and that led to the aircraft nose diving into the Nira river after it hit an electrical cable. Both pilots were trainees and were flying with a few liquor bottles containing strong beverages”…..


Beatriz Fontana
30th Mar 2008, 17:21
the trainee pilots were romancing high in the sky

Unlike most pilots who wait to conduct such activity in every port!

But I suppose the two concerned were still training, after all :E

30th Mar 2008, 17:49

I trust you never fly with Dan?

Please, feel free to 'romace' him, but don't fly with him at the same time.:}

...utmost sanctity ...
Wossat then?

30th Mar 2008, 17:58
I hope he'll see fit to marry her :8

west lakes
30th Mar 2008, 18:41
kinda puts the phrase "back seat of my car" to same though:\

30th Mar 2008, 22:52

Where would that be then??

Pugilistic Animus
31st Mar 2008, 21:22
Well, THAT'S what I call "factors beyond the control of the pilot"---you guys know what I mean:E