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30th Mar 2008, 12:15
Sorry, i am not a pilot, I am a kite builder:ok:, but I thought you could help.
I belong to Kitebuilder.com and one of the members posted a question.
"Where are these planes parked" (please scroll to top of page)

The only clue he gave ,was that the photo is of an airport on the west coast of USA.

OK, I know its a long shot ,but anybody know the answer.

Yorkshire UK

30th Mar 2008, 13:02
Try Moffett Field NAS (Naval Air Station) in CA.

Haven't been there for a while...Great part of the world out there.

Now you've got to tell me what they are!:ok:

blue up
30th Mar 2008, 13:15
1. Google
2. Type "preserved P3 Orion"
3. look for a preserved one.
4. Find Cody Road, NAS Moffett Field, near Google building, Santa Clara, California. Just west of the Harrier on the western ramp.

10 mins!:ok:

blue up
30th Mar 2008, 13:19
Doh! Beaten to it.

Anyway, Lockheed Orion and PV2 Neptune?

30th Mar 2008, 14:29
:DYup found em!.
Thank you, that should get me a few browny points in my forum.

The planes are Lockheed Orion and PV2 Neptune;)(thanks blue up);)