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15th Feb 2002, 00:50
Today, a Ryan Air B737 made an emergency landing at Aarhus/Tirstrup airport in Denmark.. .According TV news the trouble was caused by engine problems and cabin pressure failure.. .The aircraft landed safely.. .Aircraft came from London and was heading for Stockholm.

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15th Feb 2002, 01:11
B737-800 according to Norwegian media.

15th Feb 2002, 01:29
Playing devil's advocate, considering the number of sectors they fly daily, they don't seem to have too many incidents..... unless anyone else knows better?

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t'aint natural
15th Feb 2002, 01:45
Sheesh! Who needs the NTSB with Beatcat around.

15th Feb 2002, 01:56
Heard the situation in the air. Crew reported that they shot down eng. #1. Also heard why, but since the media apparently still doesn't know, I'll keep it like this for now......

15th Feb 2002, 02:21
They had a problem.. .They identified it.. .They addressed it.. .They diverted.

Where's the problem ?

15th Feb 2002, 02:26
I cannot see any problem with this. Bearcat, what are you after? Even decent airlines have engine shut downs on their agenda. Looks like it was well handled and this is all what counts.. .If, and that is a point the investigation will show, there was a problem which is related to anything else than technical malfunction, I am sure we will hear it and have our go on it. But until than...it would save a lot of trouble if you could leave comments like the one given here where they belong...in the bin!

15th Feb 2002, 02:46
the pax will no doubt have to wait 4 days in the airport until mol can get a heavy lift to transpot them home for £5.00

15th Feb 2002, 02:51
Jimbob - that must be some QRH they work to

15th Feb 2002, 12:27
Hey bearcat - please don't put easyJet in the same basket as the Ryans. We are both lo-cost airlines, but that is DEFINITELY where the similarity ends !!

Regards, :)

15th Feb 2002, 13:39
Quite right Maxfli. Any other airline would have escaped unnoticed had this happened. Anyway, FR's safety record is impeccable.

15th Feb 2002, 13:49
[email protected]!!

someone has deleted Bearcats post, it sounded realy good as well <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

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15th Feb 2002, 14:10
Not Really, breathless high pitched hysteria.

Ryanair bashing is so passe, can't you girls find something else to whinge about.

Maxfli pretty much says all there is to be said.

15th Feb 2002, 14:33
according to a local newspaper the 105 passengers enroute to vaesteräs waited until 22:00 and then boarded the scheduled ryanair service to stn. this plane were also filled with the 70 passengers who were originally going directly to london and then took off for vaesteräs. arriving in vaesteräs the aarhus-stansted passengers were then finally put on a flight to stn. fascinating...

15th Feb 2002, 14:41
Bad-Man , this is not what we call an "emergency".. . <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">


15th Feb 2002, 16:55
a quick search of "bearcat" shows he must have a very sharp axe.

He has done a lot of grinding lately mostly with Ryanair, wonder what they did to upset him? <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

15th Feb 2002, 23:59
E. Morse, -you are quite right, - no need to call this an emergency.. .Shutting down an engine, - and cabin pressure failure, diverting to an enroute airport is just a normal friday afternoon.. .The Airport firechief called about 30 ambulances and additional firetrucks from neighboring cities only to keep the ambulance and firecrews on their marks.. .By the way, - what would you call this situation?. .Best regards. .Your friend Bad-Man

16th Feb 2002, 03:40
you can call it an "abnormal situation"... :)

19th Feb 2002, 23:24
It's defined as a precautionary landing.

It's so easy to spot the amatuers like Bad-Man on threads on like this. Maybe he'd classify it as an emergency on his flight sim.

20th Feb 2002, 01:47
Interesting "Interest" you´ve got there in your profile Affangu. Let me assure you that Bad-man has a very very real job, albeit it only demands 2 simulator passes a year, of him.

Now, the SOP´s are one thing, but having an engine fail on me, and press. go south as well, would certainly make me think seriously about the words mayday on the freq. Call me an amateur or a chicken then, all ye tough and seasoned pro´s!

20th Feb 2002, 16:16
Zico, I would call that a multiple failure and I agree with your assertion that it constitutes more than a precautionary landing. Don't listen to the other guy.

As for why one engine/pack would not keep the airframe pressurised well... perhaps there were too many leaks?

I have never worked or applied/been turned down by Ryanair so I have no axe to grind. As an aviation professional I do not have a rosy about the way they operate. For me they fail the 'Wife and Kids' test so there is no way I or any of mine would fly with them - End of Story.

20th Feb 2002, 17:04
Starting calling names to colleages can hardly be regarded as professional... but then, according to his profile, he is still looking for a real job. . .If an engine failure combined with pressure loss doesn't add up to an emergency, I guess my wings will have to fall off before I am allowed to make a madaycall <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

the boy
20th Feb 2002, 18:17
I was about 3000ft and 5 miles away from them when they shut down the no1 engine. The crew seemed to be coping just fine, and the reasons they gave to ATC justified their actions.

One contrail did look a bit weird though!!

20th Feb 2002, 18:30
Scared passengers where offered no help at all. They where send to a cafeteria in AAR airport without any information of any kind. But what can you expect from Ryan Air

20th Feb 2002, 19:07

Few Cloudy
20th Feb 2002, 20:08
OK Boys, here is what you have to do as a budget airline to keep everyone happy if you get a failure in flight:

1) Hold as long as you can until the nearest large airport is ready to accommodate you all,

2) Get ACARs messages off to all and sundry to set the record straight before the "emergency landing" and drama occurs,

3) Have all pax served Champagne and given hugs by the girls,

4) Make sure the Care teams and psychologists are waiting,

Done all that? OK - now get out that checklist and - oh yes! One of you had better fly it and try to put it down real smooth... What's that? Still complaining? Ah yes - they will, until they get double the fare back. Welcome to Budget Whinger Land.

Hew Jampton
20th Feb 2002, 21:15
[quote]Crew reported that they shot down eng. #1.<hr></blockquote>. .Was this from the mid upper gun turret or the ball turret?

20th Feb 2002, 21:19
jeez,. .you guys must eat curry and s**t ice cubes, it certainly counts as an emergency in my book, but then maybe I'm not the macho aces you are !!

20th Feb 2002, 23:21
In my book it's all very easy and clear:

Any malfunction REQUIRING an unsceduled landing and a priority is an emergency situation.

Malfunctions could be of a type that makes you land, just to avoid a bad situation to develop.. .This is called a precautionary landing.

Malfunctions causing landings where you can get proper and quick repair, to avoid heavier delays from the "outback airport" that's your destination, is a technical landing.

The big difference is that the emergency landing is not of your choice, but the precautionary and technical is.

Affangu, I wonder who is the real amateur here.. .I have only flown airplanes for 35 years, and i certainly want to keep myself alive and well until my retirement in 4 years.

Best regards Bad-man

21st Feb 2002, 00:34
Now, now children.

Play nice.

21st Feb 2002, 01:33
As someone who has made six single-engine landings in twin-engine aircraft (all unplanned), every one warrants a "mayday" to start with; in fact it's SOP with my company. It gets the emergency services cranked up in case you need them. Easy enough to downgrade later. Sounds to me as though the crew did the right thing. There's a lot of Ryan-bashing goes on here, but you can't criticise a right decision.

21st Feb 2002, 04:52
I heard this in the air about 2 months ago....

" EZY***, we have a slight problem and would like to return to Liverpool for a landing...."

He was given the heading to go strait in and landed ok. His problem.? A bird strike over North Wales and they shutdown the number 1 engine there and then.......

Anti Skid On
21st Feb 2002, 12:46
without wishing to sound disrespectful, some people may recollect a certain 734 operated by a British airline, where engine failure ended up on the M1 - the Ryan boys were right to call for back up.

(RIP those who were in the above)

21st Feb 2002, 14:41
Unaccustomed as I am to Ryan geographics, you say it was heading for Stockholm and landed at Aarhus/Tirstrup. Does that mean it reached its intended destination or not?. . <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

ps Danny you've taken away the see other people's posts facility?

21st Feb 2002, 15:46
Twistedenginestarter,. .Aarhus/Tirstrup is on the eastcoast of Jutland in Denmark, on the track from London to Stockholm.

Magplug, I´ll take your advice. <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> . .Two of the systems that I appreciate to have the most when at FL370 are engines and press. When both give me problems, I feel I have no choice of going down to terra firma. That kind´a makes the word "precautionary landing" a little farfetched in my book.. .As someone said, say the word mayday, get the services out there...it´s easy to downgrade later on.. .No bashing of Ryan Air in this. Could have happened to any airline. Seems to me, the crew did just fine.

21st Feb 2002, 16:13
Zico,. .I think Twistedenginestarter was being humerous!!

21st Feb 2002, 17:47
Sorry, but it was just my attempt of trying to stop a new FR bashing match. And returning the thread to it´s original topic. No, I´m not FR!. .Rgds Zico

22nd Feb 2002, 14:45
MagplugMethinks you are on the wrong track about One Pack to be insufficient to maintin the cabin due to there being "too many leaks".

I don't see how this can be possible on the brand new 800, understandable if it had been the 200.

In my humble opinion I think the boys did a superb job and should be given a pat on the back for a job well done.

Ignition Override
23rd Feb 2002, 09:37
No matter where you land or how soon after an engine shutdown etc, even if the company Flt Standards pilots agree with your decisions, your local aviation "authorities" might second guess your choice of nearest suitable airport and how long it took you to get there. You might consider the need for such a diversion to be almost like a major emergency.

They could fine you/suspend your license for a while, merely in order to demonstrate their superior skills at legal interpretations.