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27th Mar 2008, 22:20
Just saw in todays "Australian" that REX are advertising for Saab Sim Instructors for conversion training

Would anyone know any details on the job or why they are needing to outsource. Last i knew they had a number of very senior guys that were not only long term employee's with years of experience but also (no offense intended ) but all were kinda closer to retirement age than the age at which one would be climbing the aviation ladder

Kicking up my heels in life and enjoying it but i guess a couple of days a week work wouldnt go astray

28th Mar 2008, 00:07
if you read Krusty's posts, all your answers are there........sadly, all he says is true, but only scratching the surface.:sad:

28th Mar 2008, 00:21
Thanku for the heads up chip

I have read those posts but was wondering if being a non flying job and a non-employee the difficulties may not apply, i spose i am dreaming huh

I knew Mark C & Neil S from my KD days and knew that they were running the program

Are they still involved or have they retired

Anyone else have any info. i spose i will be warned to stay well away, oh well no harm in at least finding out some background info before applying


28th Mar 2008, 00:44

You can always enquire at the source and make up your own mind. Suffice to say that the recent departures from the Check and Training department were all men of the highest calibre!

I suggest the first question one would ask of those that hire and fire should be, WHY???

Whether or not you are satisfied with the answer will of course be up to you.

Good luck.

28th Mar 2008, 01:00
Unfortunately for REX, the final offer was too little too late.

When are airline management going to concede and acknowledge, if you want to keep good employees you have to provide a pleasant working environment and suitable,competitive remuneration?:confused:

28th Mar 2008, 01:15
Mark C is a Champion :D !! I don't think he is ( or wants to) running the program.
I guess if you're looking at a few days a week, that will be the best way to dip your toes and see how warm ( or cold :hmm: ) the water is.
All the best!!

28th Mar 2008, 02:05
The manager of check & training (although he doesn't believe in the second one, lets call him manager of checking) has his head so far buried in the sand that he fails to realise every single one of his staff is unhappy and that they are leaving in droves.

On day 1 in Management 101 you learn that your staff are your number one responsibility. Not crappy BS press releases to try and calm share holders, not the little weed from CASA, not your space shuttle FCOM. YOUR STAFF. Why are they all leaving? Why aren't you jumping up and down about it and going in to bat for them?

WHEN is someone (hell, ANYONE) in management at Baxter Rd going to have the kahunas to stand up and tell LKH how it really is? The INACTION will be the downfall of Regional Express. If pay doesn't go up, everyone will keep leaving, your company will crumble to its knees with no pilots and no-one to train them, and yes, even god like managers in their ivory tower at Baxter Rd will end up out of a job scratching their heads wondering what went wrong and trying to blame others (ie bigger airlines, fuel prices, global pilot shortage, poaching blah blah blah, same old excuses :mad:).


And PLLEEEEEEAAAASE Rex, don't mention the cadetship as the solution, AGAIN. At least admit you were way off touting this as the solution to all your problems. Have they even started flying yet? How's that July graduation date looking?

You want the worst example - the chief of staff (who is actually a striker from the-year-which-can-not-be-named) who is also spectating the company's decline due poor pay. Hypocrite. :yuk:

28th Mar 2008, 02:25
True MC and GC are true gentlemen. Neither are doing the sim anymore. Both have resigned... Desperate times in the trainging and checking dept

28th Mar 2008, 03:18
Thanks guys

Done a bit of research..........made a few calls interesting what i found out

money wont be flash, the program has far too much in it for the time allowed so it apears that its hard work as well as surface training

Am type rated on sim conversion training on 3 other types albeit not current on 2 types but one thing u cant have is is lack of time

Pretty much been advised that 3 instructors have resigned as to the shear amount of work this year leaving only 2 left.....sounds like my 2 days a week would be a tad fanciful......best keep my feet up on my back deck and enjoy retirement

thank god i saw the good years in aviation. No 2 son started learning but saw the light and stopped before he cost me too much......phew

Good luck to all whereever this game takes you.

Adrian A
28th Mar 2008, 04:20
When will the cadets graduate?

obviously this will only help with regards to FOs leaving - so are most resignations coming from FOs or Captains?

28th Mar 2008, 10:41

LKH has been made aware and has failed us all to act on that information.:ugh: