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27th Mar 2008, 21:23
Oh, to have been a fly on a candelabra during the banquet at Windsor Castle (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7316401.stm): President Sarkozy sat between the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall, while his wife Carla sat on the other side of the table.

Queenie: "May one dispense with the formalities and just adress you as Nicholas, Mr. Sarko...?"

Sarko: "Certainement your Royal Highness, just call me Nico, and might one address you as Queenie?"

Queenie: "By all means Nico - that sounds so butch btw, are you a bit of a lad then - is she your 2nd or 3rd? If the UK and France come closer together, you're not suddenly going to have my head chopped off are you?!"

Sarko: "I stopped counting Queenie, but Carla is the best to date. And our guillotines are reserved for French royals...?!"

Queenie: "We're all so admirative of what you've accomplished so far and wondering how you managed to wangle that simply awesome 140% Presidential pay rise (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7071038.stm) merely weeks after being elected. After all (and just between the two of us), you've made such a point about how company executives should only be rewarded by their achievements, that profit-sharing should filter down to the assembly line, everyone here is simply stupified by how long you are in your own Presidency and of course, France's economic prospects over the coming years...?!"

Sarko: "If Gordon manages to find the hall eventually, I'll be glad to give him a few pointers. You no longer have the Royal yacht. And are forced to fly in those infernal (or so I've been told) BAE 146s which exude oily fumes inside the cabin. What I can propose to you, in an effort to convince you of my sincere wishes for even closer Franco-Britannic relations, is to offer you an Airbus A319, whenever you require it. Also, I have a friend who has a superyacht and allows me free use...?!"

Queenie: "You're quite a tease Nico. But I'm beginning to like you...?!"

Beatriz Fontana
27th Mar 2008, 21:54
Not half as funny as the 'dear leader' Brown getting lost and being late for the banquet.

In television footage, the Queen can be heard saying to Princess Anne: "The prime minister got lost. He disappeared the wrong way...at the crucial moment."


What a prat!!

27th Mar 2008, 22:03
My objective was to be sartorical... :hmm:

BTW, where was Gordon Brown, was he really lost? I realise Royal residences can be large with a great many rooms, but that story sounds more and more like it was invented by some (Fleet Street) journalist for nefarious reasons...? :confused: