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27th Mar 2008, 16:30
Saddened to hear via another forum that Jimmy Dell, EE and BAC test pilot has passed away. I believe his projects included the Lightning, TSR-2 and Jaguar.

His lecture at the RAeS a couple of years ago about testing the Lightning was a delight and he came across as a most charming and modest man.

A pint raised to your memory Sir!


PPRuNe Pop
27th Mar 2008, 17:40
Very sad to hear that.

He was one of the very best TP's and much respected by everybody he ever worked for or touched.

He will be remembered along with all the other great test pilots.


27th Mar 2008, 21:12
A very modest and kindly man, who made very significant contributions to aviation development over the past 50 years. A sad loss, but well remembered - bye Jimmy

Cornish Jack
28th Mar 2008, 19:33
Never met the gentleman but was a spectator when he collected a 'Frightening' from Valley to take back to Wharton. The lads in blue were no longer allowed to do the 'gear up, rotate to the vertical and go' party trick but this didn't apply to J Dell Esq!!:ok: Rumour has it that he called crossing the airfield boundary at FL200:D:D Sadly, the breed diminishes.:sad:

31st Mar 2008, 03:24
Hi, I too am saddened to hear of another legendary TP passing away.

Could you tell me please on which date Jimmy Dell passed on? I would like to update the information on my aviation art (http://ehangar.com) website.

I am currently updating the site with all the aviation art images of the TSR-2 I can find.

Thanks for your help!

2nd Apr 2008, 13:09
ehangar; Jimmy died on March 25th. Funeral is 1130 tommorow in St Annes.
I joined BAE Flight Operations in June 1977 as a Tornado Test Navigator. Jimmy had just moved to Munich as the Panavia Director of Flight Operations. He was a legend! but a very modest man, who never raised his voice or got angry in all the time I knew him. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes dealing with all the Panavia and NAMMA politicians who didn't want to spend any money in ensuring that the aircrew got the best and safest Tornado we could get.

He had some great flying stories to tell, especially about Lightning test flying. Once, he left the runway on landing and rolled a Lightning in attempting to test the maximum crosswind landing limit. He found the limit.

I shall remember him fondly, as one of life's natural gentlemen. RIP

3rd Apr 2008, 10:26
Hi muscat329, thank you for your reply and information.

I was trying to find some information on Jimmy Dell's WWII service, but much of the info available is on his post-war achievements.

Does anyone know if he flew fighters or bombers in the RAF, or point me to a site with the info?

Thanks again.

3rd Apr 2008, 16:33
The Times published his obituary today. See here:


20th Apr 2008, 13:49
Warmtoast, thank you for the link to the Times obituary.

Jimmy's surviving son, Kevin, has posted a thank you comment on this page.

Thanks also to Speechless Two for your reply and reference :)