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Wilberton Wilberforce
23rd Aug 2001, 03:04
Yet again a well known Italian carrier who shall remain nameless, but operates B767s out of MXP, has shown its total disregard for its crews by not only employing short-term contract captains for the summer contrary to agreements with the union it is now employing contract F/O's (ex citybird) with 600 hours experience and paying them the normal contract rate whilst the rest of the full-time pilots are being payed buttons.
This type of behavior by the airlines seems to be happening more often these days and it must be stopped.

You want it when?
23rd Aug 2001, 12:47
Wilberton - welcome to the real world. For a long time in my industry (not flight related) there have been contractors who earn considerably more than the permanent staff for doing the same role.

The answer has always been if you think your that good, then take the risk go contract, higher pay, risk of worse jobs, no long term prospects. I did it for seven years and made a lot of money but then became a permie again.

It's no good expecting a union to help you if you won't help yourself.

No axe to grind - just I see this all the time - "she's getting more than me, for doing less, boo hoo", "so do what she's doing instead of what you're doing"

Harry Erman
23rd Aug 2001, 13:18
Wilberton - why must it be stopped? It makes good economic sense to employ temporary staff for the peak season rather than have permanent staff doing nothing during the off-peak. With the company's improved profitability, your permanent job becomes more secure. From the contract workers point of view, increased reward brings increased risk and the life style does not suit everyone.