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27th Mar 2008, 12:52
Well, I had happy news recently. My family is a touch known, we have a family tomb at a Unesco world heritage site. Well anyhoo, I was slightly disturbed to hear recently that my tombstone has already been made, both on a copper plaque and carved in stone. I'm not sure it is a nice thing to have 'Tom775257 1981-' hmm makes me think about my mortality. Also made me think how much I let down my family by becoming an airline pilot, they hate it. But I love the flying action... tooling around in the bus is great fun for all the family.

I'm in a pensive, hung over mood today. Am I going down the right path? Which girl is best to go for? Should i make a greasy fry up? Also I'm moving country from the med back to the UK, I'll miss all my friends and the sun.... back to high taxation and shit life style. Oh well, back to hide under my duvet and watch poor comedy on paramount comedy one. But, I just got texted (txd? txed??) by a very nice lady friend who is coming over in ten minutes so not all bad. There is really no point to this post but I feel I need to express something, I am just not sure what. :(


Alloa Akbar
27th Mar 2008, 15:35
Express what?? The fact that you are lying on your arse in the sun somewhere, waiting on some bit of fluff to come round and pound you to within an inch of your life... well thanks mate! No, really, I hope your post made you feel less pensive, because it sure made me realise how great living in the UK really is...

I guess you weren't to know that your "troubles" were another mans dream, but then why would you care? lying in the sun waiting on some bit of... and what do you mean, fry up? I had to put up with weet a fcukin bix this morning because I was late for work.. No fry up for this kid, no sir.. and tombstone? tombstone my yellow rubbery ar5e! I feel almost ready for mine, but you won't find me lying around waiting for some.. and another thing, the aforementioned fluff.. pretty is she? Hmm? fit? Gorgeous? yes I'll bet she is.. have you ever woken up next to the single mum of 6 from Bolton, BBW, GSOH seeks knight in shining armour?? No, I bet you haven't, no you were too busy contemplating your mortality whilst waiting for some young fit gorgeous.. and another thing, what time did you get up this morning? Have to commute to work in the pishing rain did you, whilst being held up in pointless 23 million roadworks to re-route a family of fecking badgers from Port Solent to Waterlooville?? No, I bet you didn't.. lying around waiting on some fit gorgeous bit of... hide back under the friggin duvet, holy christ, how in the seven bells of hell will you survive the day? Paramount comedy one for another bout of good old blighty in the shape of fools and horses, all the while being pensive about some young bit of fit fluff who's going to come round.. and I bet she even tidies your place after she has abused you to within an inch of your life, probably cook you another fecking fry up if you play your cards right.. tombstone? fecking tombstone??? Give me strength....


tony draper
27th Mar 2008, 15:46
As long as said Tombstone doesn't have a "Use Before" date ont yer ok Mr Tom.

27th Mar 2008, 15:53
Thanks AA I needed that laugh. My keyboard has coffee all over it and I'm still sniggering. You should write a book mate.

Loose rivets
27th Mar 2008, 16:19
I'm in a pensive, hung over mood today.

My wife is in an EXpensive hung over mood today.

27th Mar 2008, 19:19
There is really no point to this post but I feel I need to express something, I am just not sure what.
Do tell us Tom. Did the very nice lady friend help you to find the point? Did you manage to express something?

27th Mar 2008, 19:31
Did the very nice lady friend help you to find the point?

She did find the point but she lost sight of it, as she has something in her eye now. :oh: