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27th Mar 2008, 00:11
BBC reports that plans for a 737 to be replaced by using a "small aircraft" for UK use and scheduled flights for international trips.

The Royal Household will be responsible for procuring the "small plane".


Any guess on what type of small plane could accommodate the PM and his entourage?


27th Mar 2008, 00:14
Unless they are going to fly around in a Duchess ...

(sorry, had to get there first ! Visions of the Royal Household's captain filing a tech log reporting troubles with the Duchess's undercarriage ..... :D)

Probably something along the lines of what Messrs Marquis or Netjets use....

27th Mar 2008, 00:17
Any guess on what type of small plane could accommodate the PM and his entourage?

An A380 would be insufficient for all his hangers on!!!

27th Mar 2008, 00:25
Brown should have a 'Hot air' balloon :cool:

27th Mar 2008, 00:29
Avitor, nah, let the Fokker fly with wings :ok:

Edit to add...

How long until this thread gets moved to Jet Blast ? :cool:

27th Mar 2008, 09:44
Here is the link to the official DFT web site:-


27th Mar 2008, 19:33
Maybe Brown could share Jordan's 'plane. Two big t*ts in one a/c etc!!!

27th Mar 2008, 19:47
Perhaps the UK government (and Royal Family) can use President (of Europe) Blair's aircraft?
Well he will have one, won't he?

27th Mar 2008, 20:17
Just a nice DH86 in navy blue & silver, then you can call it King's (Queen's) Flight, sorry already been done!