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27th Mar 2008, 00:09
I see that "Goldenbollaeux" has got his 100th reward for kicking an "Inflated Bag of Air" around a rather large field....One has to as the question.....WHY????

27th Mar 2008, 00:17
Are we bovvered?

27th Mar 2008, 00:27
He should not play again, until he proves he can pass by a tattoo parlour.

Krystal n chips
27th Mar 2008, 05:41
Hopefully....there isn't a "fervent prayer! " smilie so you'll have to make your own ....an astute piece of management here. That is, play the over hyped / paid brand in question, in a game of no consequence as far as I am aware, thus shutting up the moronic media who have been "demanding" his 100th cap and thereafter...." xxx announce the departure of flight zzzz to Los Angeles...would all passengers ( that means you bonzo ! ) now proceed to Gate number" etc, etc......with the ticket being one way ! .:ok::E

Beatriz Fontana
27th Mar 2008, 09:20
The very least that shower of overpaid primas should've done last night was beat the French, if only for Queen and Country. What better way to spend the evening than Her Majesty dining out smug Sarkozy knowing her boys were giving the French a good kicking on their own turf. Instead, they're beaten again. It's trechery, I tell ya!

27th Mar 2008, 10:30
An interesting evening viewing last night. La Madame Phnuff on one side of the room cheering her lot on; me on the other side cheering our lot on and la Phnufflet stuck in the middle cheering anyone she thought may have some Arsenal connection !!

The sad thing is that even though Mr B has clearly signalled his intention to retire from competative footie by playing for an inconsequential team in an inconsequential country, he looked reasonably good and better than David Bentley who has been hailed by the media as his successor.

I think that instead of playing these overpaid ijits from the premier league, Capello should dip down into the lower leagues and play some of those guys for whom it really would be an honour. Ok, they may not have the skills etc. and we would probably lose, but we lose anyway

Alloa Akbar
27th Mar 2008, 11:29
Maybe I am missing something here.. but you English baffle me.

Opinions vary, but.. For much of his career, Beckham was widely regarded by his peers and the footballing media at large as being one of the best midfield players in world football. Questionable temperament? Good entertainment and the lad cared about the shirt he wore on his back passionately. A few rubbish games? show me someone who doesn't have the occasional crappy day at work. Overpaid? when was the last time any of you lot uttered the words "Naa its ok boss, I'm not worth that kind of money"..?? Thought not.

Sent off against the argies in 98, villified nationally and blamed for the failings of the other members of his squad and his half wit of a manager, but still bounced back to outlast Hoddle and his fairy godmother, and dump the argies on their arses 4 years later.. Not to mention dragging a pathetic and half baked team to the European championships whilst the other team members stood and watched him in 2003.

As Jock living in England, I could only stand and watch and wish we had a player like him wearing dark blue.

So time may finally have caught up with him, but do England have anyone better?? More to the point, yes he has made a spectacular living out of the game, as anyone would in his shoes, but I would be willing to bet that all his English football fan detractors would have to admit that on more than one occasion down the years he has made you smile, cheer and want to shake his hand personally, or you have watched him doing his stuff for England and proudly thought to yourself "Go on son, stick it up them".

As I said I wish we had players like that in Scotland.

It may be fashionable down here to slaughter your national representatives of whatever sport, be it Johnny Wilkinson, Michael Vaughn or Mr B. But credit where its due, whether it was Wilkinson with his drop goal, Vaughn with the Ashes or Beckham smashing that penalty past argentina and then telling Simeone to stick his handshake up his arse at half time, I bet they didn't half get you off your sorry arses and start cheering... If their time is past, then at the very least, they deserve some thanks and good wishes for a job well done.. In my opinion anyway.:ok:

27th Mar 2008, 11:38
I'd rather have been at the other England/France match at Windsor. I believe Mme President (http://img.metro.co.uk/i/pix/2008/03/carlabruniAP_450x506.jpg) is quite a player :ok:

27th Mar 2008, 11:56
Alloa Akbar

Spot on :ok::ok: I am also a jock. However my thoughts on David Beckham are similar. He is (in my opinion) the best Captain England have had in living memory, and the best midfield player ever. You are correct AA, how many on this forum would go to the USA and say £125 million for five years!! No way boss I will take £15 million! He might not be able to string three words together, but I tell you, I am jealous, he plays good football and he looks good, the only reason I am not suicidal is because i reckon i have a bigger d**k than him:}:}(Vicki told me !!:ok:)

27th Mar 2008, 11:56
Well said Alloa and generally I agree with you.

Lets be honest, it is not just in the sporting field that we English like to point critisism; it is everywhere be it at Network Rail who overrun on engineering works to the Millenium Dome. Why even this morning the radio was talking of T5 being a total shambles because the screening equipment was slow and they even went as far as to find someone prepared to express some concern that his luggage may not get to Stockholm <who here hasn't checked in a bag somewhere and wondered where it was going?>. In my personal opinion, the media is to blame for the national obsession with self flagination. As every news editor knows, bad news and self critisism sells - anything else is ignored :(

27th Mar 2008, 12:09

Wossat phnuf;imagining whipping yourself?

Thoroughly agree with the comments from the Scottish contingent above.

Nick Riviera
27th Mar 2008, 14:19
Best captain in living memory? Best midfielder ever? Can I just throw in the Bobbys Moore and Charlton just off the top of my head.

Good club player, pretty good international player, good at performing his limited skill set, excellent engine and hugely committed to the cause. Great PR has managed to translate this into something way beyond what his talent deserves in a fallow period for English football.

Alloa Akbar
27th Mar 2008, 14:54
You could argue the case for a number of Captains or talented midfielders, but I think the point in question was one of; rather than slate the fella, should you, as patriots and fans of the beautiful game not be thankfull that you were able who call upon and be thrilled by a player who wore your colours with as much pride and passion as any you could name, and a lot more than most, and whose "limited Skillset" has single-handedly destroyed many an opposition and brought the man himself global fame and fortune.

I for one will never forget the free kick Vs Greece, The penalty against Argentina, The countless deadly free kicks and of course "that" goal from his own half. Recount if you will, the aftermath of his England goals.. the look on the boy's face.. Thats what it meant to him to be an England Captain and England fan himself, and for that he should be applauded.:D

Winning is nice, but in any sport at that level, as long as you, as a fan, feel for a majority of the time that your own passion, pride and shared sense of success or defeat is reflected by those on the field of play then thats all you can ask of them...

Maybe thats why the Tartan Army will follow the current Scottish team to the ends of the earth.. we have no superstars, or world class players, but boy do they love playing in the blue jersey and they bloody give everything a damn good go.:ok:

Incidentally PHNUFF, Unfortunately Sir, you are absolutely spot on.:(

27th Mar 2008, 15:22

You should write a book mate! Your last couple of posts make good reading.

27th Mar 2008, 15:26
He is/was one of the few players these days that seems proud to wear the England shirt and at least make an effort. Some of the other so called 'stars' do give the impression of not being that motivated - just turn up, collect the match fee and go back to their clubs earning 30K, 40K or more per week.

27th Mar 2008, 15:37
Spot on.


I understand where you are coming from, however Beckham has been the most inspirational character in football for as long as I can remember. Yes Bobby Moore was in the England team that won the last world cup for us, but there has never been a character that has pushed football to the public limits that Beckham has. I have never seen anyone deliver the on field leadership that he has for England and as Paulc says, I cannot remember any player more proud to wear the England shirt!

and thats from a Jock!!

Noah Zark.
27th Mar 2008, 16:10
I believe Mme President is quite a player
Well, certainly nothing that a few hot dinners hung on her ribs wouldn't cure! :D

Curious Pax
27th Mar 2008, 16:13
Best captain in living memory? Best midfielder ever? Can I just throw in the Bobbys Moore and Charlton just off the top of my head.

Good club player, pretty good international player, good at performing his limited skill set, excellent engine and hugely committed to the cause. Great PR has managed to translate this into something way beyond what his talent deserves in a fallow period for English football.

Showing your age Nick - I'm 42 and neither player is within my living memory (ie I'm not old enough to remember seeing them play in their prime). I reckon you would need to be 50+ to do so. If he was over-praised in relation to his skill level surely it sys something about his commitment and work ethic compared to many of his peers, which must be praiseworthy?

27th Mar 2008, 16:16
Oh give the bloke a break. At least he is not out every night doing orgies and snorting Chang off the back of some bints buttocks (silly fool that he is, I would be with his do$h!!).

He 'aint that bad and at least he has been more of a role model than some of his other ‘Beautiful Game’ brethren…

Congrats to him I say and well done for representing England whilst still maintaining a modicum of decency.

Nick Riviera
27th Mar 2008, 17:05

Beckham is not in the living memory of a 1 year old. That is not what the phrase means. I am also 42 but I certainly count Moore and Charlton as 'in living memory'.


Beckham is certainly passionate, I do not deny that, but no more so than Adams, Pearce, Shearer and others from the recent past that I could name.


Please regale us with all of those games that Beckham has won for England. I'll help you - it was the game against Greece in 2001, when he virtually single-handedly dragged the team through and what a sight it was to behold. But that is it, one game in a hundred. Should we talk about how he jumped out of a tackle against Brazil, that led directly to a goal, because he was scared of getting injured again? Or a couple of penalty misses? No, because that is unfair, just as it is unfair to single out a game where he was exceptional.

Just to be straight, I am not denigrating his accomplishments. He has made the most of what he is good at and has been a decent player. But look through the hype and you will see that he is only a decent player, no more. Just because he is passionate and proud to play for his country it doesn't make him one of the greats. His greatest strength has always been PR which in these days of 'celebrity' has elevated him to a status which his talent, frankly, does not warrant.

27th Mar 2008, 17:05
I think he is special in that although in many ways, his pure talent is limited compared to a Pele or Zidane, he always appeared to play like playing for England meant something to him. As the captain, his leadership was supurb for his work ethic if nothing else.

Should he play for England anymore? On last nights showing, there just doesnt appear to be anybody capable of taking on that role and so if he keep himself match fit enough with his 'pub team' games in the US, why not keep picking him until a better option appears.

27th Mar 2008, 17:36
Plenty of Beckham slagging going on, but not many suggestions as to who out there can replace him and do a better job?

It's the Chelsea show ponies who wind me up though.
Joe Cole - if his little flicks and turns don't work, he goes AWOL in a sulk for the remainder of the game. Scores the odd flukey goal so he must be good then. :rolleyes:
Ashley Cole - arrogant little turd with an attitude problem. And crap.
Frank Lump'o'Lard - sort of a cross between the two Coles, but lazier. (How can having a poorly finger mean you can't play football though?)
John Terry - Ungracious thug. Desperately wants to be a Roy Keane type, but lacks any talent.

I support Manchester United by the way. ;)